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Things you must know to outsource application development properly

Because of the rapid improvement and changes inside the app development industry, the need for app developers keeps growing. When it comes to establishing a mobile application, there are several dangers and risks that you will face if you start to recruit an app development team.

A company owner may need to evaluate and analyze his resources following his business needs before embarking on an app development project.

Why Outsource?

One of the factors why organizations like outsourcing their application development are that outsourcing can significantly reduce incoming risk, lower costs, and ensure successful results. According to statistics, most businesses seek outsourcing help, and the number is growing.

Signs that you need an outsourcing app development team.

If you are experiencing difficulties. Here are some criteria that signify that it’s time for your corporation to explore outsourcing mobile app development requirements

  • Your organization lacks skills

App development involves the acquisition of new skills and the ability of developers to adapt to the changing market conditions. It’s impossible to keep up with the desired skill sets by employing more app developers. Finding app developers with diverse abilities, the ability to switch between platforms, and the ability to work on various projects is becoming more challenging. As a result, outsourcing your app dev might be an excellent approach to ensure that your product is produced using the most up-to-date solutions by a group with the necessary experience at every phase.

  • You can’t keep up with the rapid technological advancement.

With the help of a good outsourcing app development, your organization may take advantage of all of the innovations that may be lacking in your existing development strategy.

  • Your app must reach the market immediately.

Time constraints are also a cause why businesses should outsource app development. According to Outsystems’ study, developing a specialized application takes three months. The result is a substantial delay and frustration amongst department leaders.

How to prepare for outsourcing?

We’ve outlined the measures you’ll need to follow to discover the best professionals among today’s outsourced app development businesses.

  • Recognize your needs

You’ll need a complete overview of the app or the project. Also, you must identify your envisioned goal.

  • Select an excellent app Developers

Determining the style of the application development group used for outsourcing is necessary. There are three different types: Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore. 

  • Examine the profile and get in touch with prior clients

First and first, before submitting letters to every app development company or filling out contact forms on respective platforms, you must analyze and review your team’s portfolios.

  • Choose a service model

When it comes to hiring outsourced app developers, you have three options: project-based, dedicated teams, out staff.

  • Select a method of payment

Fixed fee or duration and materials payment methods are available to hire a professional staff or employ a project-based working model.

It is necessary to have a detailed specification of developing your application or the product you want to see as a result before you hire outsourcing app developers.

What are the possible risks of outsourcing?

  • Differences between time zones

We have transformed our society into a single global marketplace with the Internet, making the outsourcing process accessible. However, there are still certain obstacles to overcome. Consider the following scenario: you have a critical inquiry, but everyone on your team is now unavailable. As a result, the problem will not be resolved until the following day. Such setbacks may have a significant impact on project completion dates. This is what Differences between time zones explain.

  • Poorly written technical documentation

It isn’t easy to overstate the significance of technical documentation in the modern world. Essentially, this critical stage determines the future path of the operation and assists in the avoidance of risks and additional expenditures. Technical documentation serves as a blueprint for your outsourced team while managing the project. The more precise and insightful your plan is, the more likely it is that the end outcome will meet your standards as a customer. Make sure that technical documentation is presented in your native language, and don’t be afraid to ask additional questions for clarification.

  • Outsourcing to locations or businesses that are behind on the latest trends

You can notice it right away in the designs and the user interface or user experience (UI/UX). Suppose the staff of your outsourced app development business uses old techniques and is clearly behind on trends. In that case, You should hire a crew that is up to date on technical advancements, employs the best processes and technologies, and is familiar with your region’s environment.

How do we avoid these risks?

  • Differences between time zones

The outsourcing crew may complete the work late at night, and you can see the product outcomes the following day. If you approach the project development process in this manner, you will save time and prevent unnecessary setbacks. When you engage a skilled team of app developers, you can rest assured that they are continually working on new problems. They coordinate and communicate project concerns using innovative approaches.

  • Differences in Culture and environment

Your business can develop a training workshop and get to know the outsourcing app development company that will be working on your app’s real business needs to lessen the influence of сulture on the development of the project. Getting rid of the misunderstandings caused by the many differences between offshore application development experts ought to be the top priority.

  • Communications issues or a language barrier

Arranged efficient communication within teams utilizing channels such as Slack, Jira, etc., and have stand-up sessions (video) on a routine basis to guarantee clear communications among groups and remove the language barrier from the project.


Because of the large number of organizations and freelance developers currently on the market, outsourcing application development is not a simple operation. Although it is helpful for your business to collaborate with a reputable firm, it is also a delightful experience in and of itself. In this article, we’ve attempted to present you with the most important hints and suggestions so that you can achieve your objectives as quickly as possible.


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