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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Press Release

When the topic of marketing, marketing plans, and creating effective campaigns come up, most businesses only look at how to use social media and other forms of digital advertising and marketing. They are thinking about using Instagram and TikTok influencers more than they are considering leveraging newspapers and other media outlets. One of the best things a business can do is create and distribute a press release.

What’s a press release? It’s a statement from a business or an individual about a specific topic through newspapers or digital news sources. Whether it’s a press release to tell people about an event or to share about a big promo coming up, every business can benefit from a strategic press release, and here’s why.

Lower Cost Than Many Other Content Types

Creating content costs a lot of money. The amount of money that businesses will shell out for content marketing, writing website content, copywriting and more is a huge part of their annual budget. Because each press release is a one-and-done type of content, it’s much more affordable than long-term copy and content. Budgeting for a press release distribution service can ensure your press release makes it to all the right places at the right time.

Instant Visibility

Part of the problem with online marketing is that you are at the mercy of a computer algorithm to ensure you get seen by the right people at the right time. A press release bypasses these systems and puts you at the forefront of media sources that already have a big following. This is good news for B2B businesses especially if they leverage newspapers that CEOs and other thought leaders are reading.

Boost Sales

Sales are what keep you in business. Boosting sales for a short-term campaign can help with overall annual numbers. A press release that announces a new product for business owners can help improve traffic to your website and ultimately lead to more sales.

Enhance Your Marketing Plans

Good marketers already know that they need multiple channels to be effective. They also know that they need to get in front of the right people. B2B companies have an added difficulty in that they only sell to other businesses. It’s not as easy to get in front of the buyers and end-users for these kinds of products. However, many business owners still read newspapers and other digital publications where a press release would be sent.

Improves Your SEO

Most newspapers are digital now. This means that getting businesses to your products and services requires an understanding of how the digital world works. The more high-quality places your business promotes itself in, the better. SEO is driven in part by having relevant content in high-traffic places like online newspapers. A press release is a great strategy to add to your SEO content plans.

Exposes Your Business To Investors

Let’s be real here, investors aren’t necessarily hanging out on Facebook like the average person. They are looking for quality leads to help them find future investments. Getting your product or services in front of potential investors is critical if you want to grow. Investors look at press releases to see what businesses are doing to figure out if it’s a project they want to get involved with.

It Makes You Look Good

A well-thought-out press release makes your business look good. It’s professional, it’s impactful, and it can help you reach your overall financial and business goals. Want to be a thought leader in your industry, use press releases to make it happen and boost your overall credibility.

Press Releases Create Sharing Opportunities

Have you ever found something exciting online and shared it with your other business-minded friends? That’s the power of a press release. It creates a piece of content that people can easily share with one another. Do you have a new product coming out and you want more people to know about it? Use a press release. It works for Apple, so why can’t it work for you too?

Creating effective content is one of the most important parts of promoting businesses in the modern world. Whether you’re making videos or wooing new customers with effective copy, use press releases to drive traffic and show that your business is making a difference in your industry and is here to stay. 


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