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5 Email Validation Tools You Must Consider Using To Maintain Your Email List Hygiene

Have you ever checked your spam folder? If you hit your spam folder, you will feel like entering into a whole world of shopping where different marketers and sellers send you emails to sell some or the other thing. Ranging from seeking products and services, you may also see emails that ask you to find your better half, even if you have been married for years. It is believed that about 85% of emails make their way into the spam folder. And do you know the reasons? It’s because of a lack of email hygiene. 

Email addresses are vital for running an email marketing campaign. But, being an email marketer, it’s imperative to validate and check if the email addresses are still in use and active. Email validation determines the outcome of an email marketing campaign.

Choosing the right tools for maintaining a clean email list is necessary for your email marketing campaign. It will help you achieve your desired outcomes. If you are not sure which tools you should use, the list of tools below will guide you through.

Top 5 Email Verification Tools

The market is flooded with a wide range of email verification tools. To find out how far they can help you maintain email hygiene, you need to examine their features. These include the accuracy of tools, their verification services, compatible integrations, their turnaround time, etc.

Alongside keeping these features in mind, you need to consider pricing, data security, ease of use, and the support system. Wondering which one to choose for the best outcomes? To help you make an informed decision, here’s a list of the top email verification tools.

1. Clearout

Clearout tops the list of email validation tools for two factors: its ease of use and accuracy. With this tool, you can achieve more than 98% accuracy. It will also help you detect issues related to email validation. These include syntax errors, disposable addresses, spam traps, and more.

Clearout offers reasonable packages starting from $25. If you invest in its higher value packages, you will get more credits. Its pricing model is flexible enough to support both your annual and monthly requirements. Upon signing up with Clearout, you get 100 credits free of cost.

The two hallmark features of Clearout include merging the Enterprise model and team account and the availability of distinctive plugins. These features will help you enhance the outcome of email marketing – the ultimate way for brands to build an online presence.

2. Pabbly

Pabbly detects unknown email addresses with high efficiency. You can also reduce or minimize catch-all addresses and false positives with it. While you may find Pabbly’s manual method for validating email addresses unusual, it is helpful because it generates high-quality outcomes with precision.

With the features above of Pabbly, you can quickly get rid of invalid or inactive domains. It has useful features to validate risky email addresses and prevent spamming.

You can subscribe to the starting package of Pabbly by paying $5. The subscription to this package will provide you with 1000 credits. You will get more credits if you subscribe to a higher package.

3. Xverify

Are spam complaints hijacking your email marketing campaign? If yes, you can get rid of such complaints by subscribing to the $37 package of Xverify. Apart from 5000 credits, it will provide you with many benefits.

Xverfiy eliminates the possibility of a hard bounce when you send marketing emails to your intended recipients. Further, it also detects malicious sing-ups to give you a competitive edge in your email marketing campaign. It comes with the advantage of portability as you can use it as an application on mobile devices.

The other noteworthy features of the email validation tool include its autocorrect feature and its built-in fraud protection. To process your data with accuracy, it uses a cloud server.

4. Debounce

Debounce is a handy option to integrate your email list with various platforms. These include Sendinblue, Milerlite, Mailchimp, and more. With Debounce, you can validate the email addresses on your list from hard-to-validate email servers. Such servers have, GMX,, G-Suite, and QQ.

The top features of Debounce include spam-tram removal, catch-all domain checker, and disposable email checker. Its MTA validation can track the validity of the MX record of email transfer agents. It uses anti greylisting technology and gives users access to the team account feature.

The starter pack of Debounce costs $10. Following your subscription to this package, you will get 5000 credits instantly. And as it is easy to use, you can start using it straight away after signing up for a package.

5. Mailfloss

Does your email list have invalid email addresses and typos? If yes, you might want to get rid of them as soon as possible. You can get reliable assistance for it from Mailfloss. It has the auto-pilot mode for the automatic verification of email lists.

With Mailfloss, you can connect with 16 email service providers (ESPs). All you need to do is tweak its settings according to your preferences. 

The minimum subscription fee for this tool is $17. Subscribing to this package will fetch you 10,000 credits for email validation.

Final Thoughts

Improper selection of email validation tools can be one of the reasons for not getting targeted ROI through email marketing. If you do not address it in time, your email marketing campaign can take a hit later on. Try out one of the email validation tools mentioned here to maintain email hygiene and achieve the objectives of your campaign.


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