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Best Ways to Promote Immigrant-Led Businesses Without Breaking the Bank

One of the struggles of starting and managing a business as an immigrant does not only lie in gathering requirements for immigration services to process your US visa for business. You will also have to work your way around familiarity. This is most especially if you’re still new to the country and you haven’t socialized that much since the start of your stay.

That said, another issue arises — lack of exposure. Compared to other businesses that are run by locals, you have to work a lot harder in promoting your products and services.

The good thing is you don’t necessarily have to run out of funds just to reach out to your market. In this article, we will introduce some of the marketing strategies that you should try out to cater to your company’s needs.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media sites have played a big part in the growth and success of a lot of businesses. In fact, according to statistic reports from 2021, about 91.9% of businesses in the US alone rely on the said platforms for marketing.

You shouldn’t stop yourself from using this strategy, even as an expat. If you don’t have the budget, you can still use most of them since signing up and creating an account is usually free. For more specialized results, you can also turn to built-in sponsorships and ads for cost-efficient packages.

For reference, some social media sites that you should consider using include Facebook and Instagram. Tiktok, most especially, will give you a high chance of reaching a broad market. If you’re offering services, then looking into LinkedIn will also be worth it.

2. Introduce Your Business to Google

Let’s be real — Yellow Pages, a handbook containing most businesses’ phone numbers, is a thing of the past. In this technology-led generation, registering your company name here won’t garner the results that you want. For a better alternative, you should turn to its modernized version, which is Google My Business.

Registering your business to Google My Business will make it easier for your brand to be recognized online. Just make a few taps on the keyboard, and your company’s name, along with its description and location, will already be displayed within seconds. It can also appear when a user searches using relevant keywords like “xx businesses near me” and likes.

3. Create Blogs

Creating a website for your shop should not only contain your product’s pages. Although this is a good approach to show straightforward shopping, it may not be as helpful to most customers.

Because of this, you should highly consider adding a page on your site that is bespoke for blogs and other resources that will help your market in knowing more about your products and services and how to choose the right variation for their needs.

Keep in mind that your task doesn’t end with adding so-so blogs. Its content should both be relevant and well-written, so it can truly contribute to your reach as a brand.

4. Collaborate with Other Businesses

As a business, you don’t necessarily have to rely on influencers, which will definitely require a hefty sum for posts and endorsements. Of course, it will be helpful, but it isn’t suggested to go through this path, especially if you’re a small-time business that doesn’t have a lot of funds yet.

That said, participating in collaborations is a sure way to expand your market reach. Find other brands that are compatible with your products. For instance, if you’re selling skincare products, you can collaborate with businesses that are selling facial cosmetics. Avoid directly partnering with competitors since that will only end up in a confused market rather than shared consumers.

5. Host Relevant Events

Hosting relevant events like giveaways, raffles, seminars, and conferences that specifically focus on your products will attract both existing and future customers to your brand. This may require you to give out some of your products for free, but it will definitely give you a good amount of exposure if you execute the event properly.


Promoting your business as an immigrant can be hard, but it’s definitely not impossible to reach the level of success that other local-run businesses have.

On the last note, keep in mind that no matter how much you want your business to be recognized and get the hype that it deserves, there are still legal processes that you need to abide by. Violating even one of the policies

If you’re not that knowledgeable about this aspect, then it’s best if you look for an immigration lawyer to work with. For recommendations, you should definitely look into Total.Law. They are a group of experienced and reliable lawyers that can help a lot regarding all your immigration-related needs.


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