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Technology and the Changing Face of Healthcare

Last updated on June 20th, 2023 at 09:52 am

Nearly all factors of human life have been modernized by technology. From commerce to entertainment, technology’s impact has reached every corner of the world. As far as the healthcare industry goes, robotics, nanotech, and AI are just a few of the innovative techs that constantly change the face of functions and operations. With every day that goes by, this growth continues to assist healthcare providers with the faster diagnosis of ailments, shorter waiting times, and saving more lives.

Home Testing

Monitoring and assessing your health right from your own home is a practice that’s gained wide acceptance. Home kits, such as a hormone test, will save you the hassle of a trip to the doctor while also giving you the flexibility needed to collect a few samples within a period of 24 hours. Health providers, hospitals, and physicians are rapidly adopting home hormone testing because they cut costs while also allowing them to take advantage of new tech that improves lab efficiency. 

Electronic Patient Databases

Do you remember going to the doctor’s office and seeing rows upon rows of patient files? Slowly but surely, those days are reaching their end. These days, medical practitioners are using things like electronic health records (EHRs) because they allow them to accumulate massive amounts of data on patients rather quickly. Because of this, operations run more efficiently due to it being easier for the experts to find patients’ health history, vital organ details, and lab results. 


Sharing data, be it professional consultations or patient records, is critical when it comes to the healthcare sector. It’s primarily the case since the typical medical practitioner is busy and they’re all bound by the various HIPAA restrictions, which makes them difficult to access. Because of this, by adopting the latest tech, healthcare providers create better connections with their patients and vice versa.

These days, doctors can make use of a social network known as Doximity in order to safely interact with their colleagues. On this platform, medical professionals can relay messages to other medical professionals, collaborate on cases, and access curated medical news. As of now, many doctors in the US are using this platform, as well as quite a few PAs, NPs, and even pharmacists. 

One other example of useful technology that enhances communication in the healthcare arena is Sherpaa. With this one, you no longer need to visit the ER. Instead of doing this, you can access medical consultations via either phone or online. If you’re a patient, you have the ability to communicate with medical professionals and seek treatment for chronic or acute ailments.

Tech has also made things a bit easier for us. Because of the plethora of devices, we tend to have on hand, it’s easier to play games – such as word games. Word games are beneficial to our mental health because they help with stress relief, they assist with socialization and communication if you play with others, and they help improve your concentration. All of these are elements that help with mental relief and many doctors agree that they help with mental acuity.

These are just a few of the many ways that tech is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. As we move into the future, we can rely on these benefits to improve the treatment rates for patients like nothing we’ve seen before. That leaves it down to us to remain abreast of each and every recent development in order to ensure that we seek out the best solution for any health issues. If we do this, we’ll be sure to improve our overall experiences and efficacy.


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