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B2B News for Thursday, June 30, 2022: Cloud Data Engineering and Security Deals

Watch the weather B2B folks! There is lots of cloud-based activity.

Accenture will acquire Ottawa-based XtremeEDA under undisclosed conditions. XtremeEDA provides semiconductor engineering services. 

The acquisition of XtremeEDA will expand Accenture Cloud First’s capabilities.  

“We believe silicon engineering has enormous potential to help organizations uncover new ways to differentiate and personalize experiences in the digital world,” said Karthik Narain, global lead of Accenture Cloud First. “Excellent, fit-for-purpose silicon design translates into real-time, seamless, accessible and completely user-centered experiences. The XtremeEDA team’s expertise will help us bring more specialized, high-performance and scalable compute capabilities to our clients as they utilize the power of the Cloud Continuum to reinvent their enterprises.”   

XtremeEDA is one of a number of businesses Accenture will have acquired since 2020. In recent years it has also acquired Gevity, a strategy and consulting organization focused on healthcare industry digital transformation, Cloudworks, an Oracle Cloud service provider and Callisto Integration, a provider of consulting and technology services in digital manufacturing in food and beverage, chemicals and utilities. 

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Commvault and Oracle have expanded their strategic partnership. The pair will now include MetallicDMaaS on Oracle Cloud. The service will be available in all commercial regions. 

Metallic and OCI will offer accelerated OCI transition so that Oracle customers can protect critical data assets in the cloud, or on premises.

Metallic DMaaS helps protect data from corruption, unauthorized access, and other threats across vital sectors of business, including insurance, financial services, manufacturing, and defense.  Metallic customers can easily back up their digital footprint in any consumption model, from cloud-native to on-premises workloads, including databases, virtual machines, Kubernetes, and file and object storage.

“The combination of Metallic DMaaS and OCI is a big win for customers looking for data mobility, agility, and security as they link on-premises Oracle solutions to OCI and evolve their data management capabilities,” said Vinny Choinski, senior analyst of the Enterprise Strategy Group.

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The Luddites did try to warn us this would happen. If you’ve been feeling unhappier and more stressed out at work, it may not be your co-workers who are to blame. At least, not your human co-workers.

Working with robots is driving humans to drugs and alcohol. A new study suggests that automation enhances industry, but is harmful to the mental health of humans. The University of Pittsburgh study found that Americans working alongside industrial robots were less likely to suffer physical injury, but more likely to suffer from adverse mental health effects and were even more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol.

The study was published last week in Labour Economics by Pitt economist Osea Giuntella and Rania Gihleb, an assistant professor in the Department of Economics, and Tianyi Wang, a post-doctorate student.

“There is a wide interest in understanding labor market effects of robots. And evidence of how robots affected employment and wages of workers, particularly in the manufacturing sector,” said Giuntella, an expert in labor economics and economic demography and an assistant professor in the Department of Economics in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.

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