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B2B News for Wednesday, June 22, 2022: The Party, Party, Party Edition

The return to large gatherings, whether well-advised from a public health point of view or not, has been remarkable. So far, the Collision Conference in Toronto has been packed in terms of both population and scheduling.

Launch parties and grand opening celebrations are back too. On Saturday, Staples will open its new Working and Learning enhanced retail experience (i.e. store) in Calgary with a ribbon cutting at 8:55 AM and free gift cards for the first 100 attendees.

June is a month of celebrations and observances. It’s PRIDE Month, Monday was World Refugee Day, Tuesday was Indigenous People’s (Solidarity) Day, Strawberry Moon Festival and Summer Solstice. Today is a toss-up between National Chocolate Éclair Day in the US and Onion Ring Day (Harvey’s sent a coupon).

While any excuse to leave the house and go anywhere but back to the office is welcome, there is still pressure to keep events hybrid and it has nothing to do with masking resistance, fear of monkey pox or concerns about another COVID-19 wave.  Airmeet, a virtual and hybrid events platform, experienced a 291% year over year revenue growth increase in 2021. They’ve also appointed of Mike Pych as the company’s first Senior Vice President of Global Sales.

“Airmeet is an innovator within the B2B events category that has captured an impressive portion of the market in a short period of time,” said Pych. “It’s exciting to join a fast-growing team and I look forward to helping cement Airmeet’s market leadership across the global marketplace. Events are an excellent channel to help sellers and marketers engage buyers and customers to further the relationship building.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/airmeet-names-former-microsoft-cloud-sales-executive-mike-pych-svp-of-global-sales-301571095.html

If you’ve got a penchant for parties, a new employer service from Australian FinTech company CashD could be a blessing or a curse. CashD says it is redefining pay cycles. Their new service enables businesses to empower their workers and let them choose how and when they get paid.

The tool brings together banking, payroll, and finance, to address issues with traditional pay cycles that do not suit the on-demand needs of workers. As a B2B business, the company works with employers to give employees this flexibility.

There are obviously plenty of responsible ways to use the service. Making weekly or by-weekly mortgage payments instead of monthly payments can help soften the blow of rising interest rates through faster principle reduction. And, to be frank, any tool that reduces reliance on the reprehensible pay day lending industry should be welcome. That said, it will also become so much easier to hit happy hour every Friday instead of once or twice a month.  

“With inflation soaring, this type of financial flexibility is crucial,” said CashD’s co-founder and CEO, Marcus Lasarow. “While this is a great step towards modernization in the way we approach salary and payroll, it is in reality a return to the values of enabling employees to have access to their wages as earned, using innovation to make this possible in today’s world.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/with-inflation-soaring-fintech-company-cashd-redefines-pay-cycles-for-workers-301573194.html


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