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B2B News for Friday, July 15, 2022: Blending instead of Balancing Work and Life, What’s Up with Elon Now

Apparently, due to the pent-up demand for travel, there is a shortage of cars to rent this summer. For the car rental agency, that news could only have meant one thing. Inviting global competition to set up shop in Canada.

SIXT is expanding into the billion-dollar Canadian car rental market.  The first location will open in Vancouver, then Toronto. The company said it brings a premium experience to car rentals in Canada with a higher percentage of premium and lower mileage vehicles, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

“Expanding into Canada is a huge step for our business, and we are excited to bring the premium SIXT experience to our northern neighbors,” said Thomas C. Kennedy, President and CFO at SIXT North America. “Vancouver is a gateway to the world-famous Whistler ski resort and an important leisure and commercial port city bringing both corporate and leisure travelers year-round. Toronto is a financial and commercial hub with strong seasonal traffic enjoying the endless Canadian summers and outdoor activities.” 

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According to the creators of a new software company, work-life balance is no longer a thing.

Blendification was designed to help users harmonize the priorities of work and life. Their new software platform in the ConsultTech space are Personal and Strategy Whiteboards.   

According to its creators, the tool enables a work-life blend by connecting culture to organizational strategy and linking it to employee growth.

“We have spent years developing the Blendification software based on our ethos of aligning employee and organizational growth,” said Dan Bruder, co-founder and CEO of Blendification. “We are passionate about dismantling the idea of work-life balance and promoting the blend of work and life and know that every vertical could benefit from implementing our software.”  

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Content creators can now get their work out faster. Linktree, the ‘link in bio’ company, has launched a mobile app. It will let users update their links in fewer clicks. Designed to reduce the time users spend updating their corner of the internet and spend more time creating content.

 “We are thrilled to launch the Linktree mobile app as we continue to broaden the link-in-bio category we created, ultimately offering creators new ways to link everything they are, anywhere they are,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Alex Zaccaria. “Linktree users will be able to set up and manage their profiles on the go, all from their mobile devices – essentially making processes faster and easier for busy individuals so they can focus more time on creating content, and doing what they do best. The Linktree app is the latest update that speaks to the ever-evolving needs of our users.”

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There’s a new scholarly entry in the What’s Up with Elon genre. The articles of this nature are a sub-genre of the Billionaires are Eccentric, Eh? series that has captivated journalists and readers alike since the days of the robber barons like Astor, Rockefeller, and Rogers.

This time, What’s Up with Elon deals with the irony of Elon Musk’s reasons for backing out of the Twitter purchase. Namely, Elon cited the proliferation of bots on the social media platform. According to David A. Kirsch, an associate professor at the Center for Social Value Creation at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, Elon’s company Tesla is a big user of pro-Tesla bots or fan bots.

“Musk’s general argument – that somehow he was surprised by the extent of bots on Twitter – doesn’t pass the laugh test because even if Musk didn’t order the fanbots that we observed, he’s known they were there – in many cases for seven or more years – or longer than we’ve had computational corporate propaganda,” Kirsch said. “We date the public debate about computational propaganda to its political manifestations in the 2016 elections here and in the U.K., but we found corporate activity predated political propaganda by several years.” 

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