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CannaBNN Headlines for Friday, July 8, 2022: High Tide and Choom Expansion, Spain Strides toward Medical Access

Consolidation of the legal cannabis industry is continuing. High Tide Inc. is acquiring nine of Choom Holding Inc.’s brick and mortar stores across Canada.

“I am thrilled to be announcing this deal today, which represents the third public company whose assets we have integrated into the High Tide portfolio since November 2020, following the acquisitions of Meta Growth and Smoke Cartel,” said Raj Grover, President and CEO of High Tide. “With these acquisitions, we are able to bring our innovative discount club model to Vancouver, Canada’s third-largest metropolitan area, as well as numerous new markets in Alberta where we do not yet have a presence. I look forward to giving a warm welcome to the team members from Choom as they join the High Tide family.”

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Decibel Cannabis Company Inc. has received certification to export their products.

“This is a very important milestone for the outlook of the Company as this certification unlocks untapped markets for Decibel,” said CEO Paul Wilson. “The opportunity allows the Company to provide its high-quality craft cannabis products internationally, while also setting the stage for the Decibel brands to develop international recognition and additional consumer exposure.”

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Since ketamine psychedelic therapy to treat depression has become more widely-known, greater commercialization can be expected. Ketamine Wellness Centers has launched along with a Ketamine Wellness Integrative Therapist Directory to connect patients and qualified practitioners.

“Ketamine therapy is a rapidly growing medical field demonstrating promising results, but many patients overlook the importance of continuous cognitive therapy after their ketamine treatments to maximize the outcomes,” said Kevin Nicholson CEO of Ketamine Wellness Centers and COO of Delic, a subsidiary of Ketamine Wellness Centers. “A therapist from the network can work with patients to bridge the outcomes from their completed ketamine therapy into positive, long-term changes in attitudes and behavior. By putting together a comprehensive list of like-minded, qualified mental health professionals and organizations, KWC is continuing to focus on a holistic approach to healing patients suffering from various mental health conditions.”

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Humble & Fume Inc. has elected its new Board of Directors. New appointments include Mark Hubler, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson Brothers, one of the largest family-owned, and leading, wine, spirits, and beer distributors in the United States.

“We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Hubler as a new independent director,” said Jakob Ripshtein, Chairman of Humble & Fume Inc.’s Board of Directors.  “With over 35 years of experience and leadership in the beverage and beverage distribution industry, Mark possesses deep industry experience, and we look forward to gaining his valuable perspectives as a Board member.”

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Spain has tabled legislation to provide legal access to medical cannabis. Khiron Life Sciences Corp acknowledged the progress Spain has made towards medical cannabis access. Spain is already a main exporter of medical cannabis for Europe.

“We welcome the planned regulation for medical cannabis in Spain,” President of Khiron Europe Franziska Katterbach. “For Khiron, Spain is another important European market with great potential in which we have been active since 2019 – but the opening of the market for medical cannabis in Spain is even more important for the hundreds of thousands of potential patients in Spain who do not have access to cannabinoid-based therapies.”

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PharmAla Biotech Holdings Inc has appointed Kevin Roy to its Board of Directors in the wake of the resignation of former Director Solomon Elimimian.

“I’m so pleased to welcome Kevin to the PharmAla Board. He brings exactly the kind of experience we need to our team,” said Jodi Butts, Chair of the Board. “His strong accountancy and fiduciary experience will increase the company’s corporate governance and allow us to continue growing the business of supporting clinical trial practitioners globally.”

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Candace Hawkins
Candace Hawkins
Candace Hawkins (she/her) is a Canadian living on the traditional lands of the Six Nations Peoples. She is a longtime advocate for medicinal cannabis and legalization.