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Why Your Business Should Tap Into the Family Market and How to Do It

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It is no secret the current economic climate is creating challenges for businesses across almost every sector right now. There is no escaping the fact there is a cost of living crisis causing issues for people’s finances across much of the world. So, you may be wondering where this leaves your business and how you can make your marketing count when faced with such adverse market conditions. One approach you may want to consider is taking a longer-term approach and targeting a market you may not have focused on too intently in the past. The family market is the ideal target for companies wanting to take a long-term approach to their marketing and to build a relationship that potentially spans generations. Making your business a family-focused company can have many advantages, the main one being that families represent a huge potential market share. Building a positive relationship with families can mean that kids grow up with your business and establish familiarity and affection for it that can last a lifetime. This may sound ambitious, and you may be wondering how to begin targeting the family market, let alone building customer relationships that will span decades. Take a look at these ideas to help you start to make your business appealing to the family market:

Understand the Family Audience

Understanding what families want is essential if you want your business to appeal to them. For most families, their needs are pretty uncomplicated; they want places to go that are kid-friendly, convenient, and represent good value for money. If you can remove many of the pain points families face when they go out together, you could be on to a winner. Offering special discounts, family deals, and incentives are excellent ways to get more families using your business.

Add Family-Friendly Features

Every parent knows that keeping kids entertained is not an easy task, so it can be especially tough to keep them occupied when out and about. Ensuring that your business has facilities that are tailored to meet the needs of kids and keep them occupied is a significant asset. Adding some play ground equipment is one option to consider if your business has the space to accommodate it. 

As well as making it fun for kids to visit your business, making it practical for families is also crucial. This can be achieved by providing things such as baby changing facilities and highchairs.

Reward Loyalty

If you want to build a customer base consisting of families, then you need to reward loyalty. Many families are discount savvy, so offering rewards for each visit to your business is a great way to encourage loyalty. A loyalty scheme may also be the perfect incentive needed to make your business a new family ritual that becomes a regular fixture in their calendar. So, if you run a leisure business such as a bowling alley or a restaurant, encouraging your venue to become every family’s new favourite place to be could see your customers returning regularly.


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