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6 Interior Decorating Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Are you planning to sell your home? If so, your home can probably benefit from an interior update. Decorating your home can make it more appealing to potential buyers. But what home decor changes should you make? It may be challenging to even know where to begin. 

Fortunately, there are a number of easy things you can do to increase showings. Here are six interior decorating tips to sell your home faster. 

1. Consider Hiring an Interior Decorator

Have you thought about hiring someone to decorate your home? Interior decorators know what the current trends are in real estate, so it may be worth your while to hire one if you want to sell your home faster. Simply search for “home decorators near me” to find someone who specializes in interior design in your area. 

2. Choose Neutral Paint Colors

The right paint colors can make the home selling process go smoother. While it may be tempting to show off the warm vibes your home has to offer with a shade of orange or coral, it can be an eyesore for some buyers. 

Most potential buyers prefer to see homes with neutral paint colors. It makes it easier for them to envision their own neutral paint colors on the walls, and in some cases, they might not even feel the need to redecorate right away. You’re better off opting for shades of gray, beige or white if you want to sell your house fast. 

3. Reorganize Your Closets

When we focus on our interior decorating, most of us don’t think about our closets. But reorganizing your closets is one of the best-kept secrets for selling your house. Keep in mind that everyone who views your home will look inside your closets. It’s a given. Home buyers want to know how much storage space your home has to offer. 

To make your closets seem more spacious, empty at least 50 percent of what’s currently in them. Move your items to the basement or garage, or invest in a storage unit until your house sells. 

4. Incorporate Mirrors Into Your Home Decor 

This is a home-selling tip you might not be aware of: strategically place mirrors throughout your home. The right mirrors can make your home look fancier, but there’s another hidden benefit. Mirrors create the illusion of more space, making the rooms in your home appear bigger than they actually are. Try implementing this tip in the smallest rooms of your home. 

5. Remove Your Personal Items 

If you have a lot of family photos hanging in your home, it’s ideal to remove them. The same goes for anything religious or political. The reason is that prospective home buyers will have an easier time picturing their belongings in a home that doesn’t already have personal touches. 

Whether your current decor has sentimental value or it’s specific to your tastes, it’s best to remove anything personal to create a blank canvas for potential buyers to see. 

6. Move Your Furniture Around 

Is your furniture’s placement taking up too much space in your home? Consider moving it around to see if you can create the illusion of more space. If moving the extra loveseat doesn’t help create the appearance of more space, consider putting it in storage — or moving it to another room. Making a few small tweaks to how the furniture is arranged in your home can create a much more spacious layout. 

These are just six interior decorating tips to sell your home faster. Choosing the right paint colors, taking steps to enhance the appearance of a more spacious home, and removing your personal items can all help prospective buyers see the potential of your home. 


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