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Tips for Optimizing Cannabis Social Media

Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 09:36 am

Sure, you can run your social media marketing campaign or post on Instagram or Facebook using your smartphone or mobile device, but you might not be able to gain results without a clear strategy in mind. 

For this reason, it’s wiser to strategize in order to gain followers, improve sales, and extend your influence on social media. Here are some things you can do.

Determine what time and how often make posts

Just posting content anytime and anyhow you want is ineffective. For better results, you must be strategic about what time and how often you post on social media, according to cannabis marketing experts.

You might already know that social media users have a short attention span, and that is why it’s important to know and understand that. You should be consistent about the time and the frequency of scheduling or publishing your content.

For example, you should not post more than twice a day on Instagram if you want engagement from followers.  In addition, you should consider the time of the day to post, such as factoring in times that more IG users are on the site.

While posting times can be different based on the target audience, it can be helpful to look for trends showing when to post IG content.

Instagram has not added a feature for post scheduling, but there are other apps or third-party programs to schedule content and track statistics.

Bottom line: Be strategic in using social media for your cannabis business, so know timings and frequencies for your cannabis content.

Follow brands in your niche

Improve your social media influence and presence by following and engaging with the brands relevant to your cannabis business. 

Cannabis marketing is all about getting your product in front of the right people at just the perfect time. And that’s where social media comes into play! If you need cannabis website development to make it quick and easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for without any interference or confusion on their part – which means more sales for YOU (and less work)!

So if you’re a Miami dispensary, or produce anxiety-reducing products such as CBD, you should follow, connect and engage with the content that brands you sell post or publish. 

If you’re a cannabis brand, you can engage with the posted content of your distributors.  Like and share those to enhance your social media presence. 

Why does it matter? It can build a sense of community and make people feel that you’re genuine and a real human. 

Thus, you must connect and engage with influencers, same niche pages, and relevant industry businesses in order to build a follower and audience base and improve your influence.

And if they followed you back, it can simply mean you’re establishing your brand as one of those in the same niche on which followers and customers will eventually become interested.

Engage with your audience

Cannabis businesses looking to improve social media results should also learn how to engage with their potential customers and audience.  One of the best ways to do that is to post educational content.

According to cannabis social media sources, education is the most effective approach in connecting and engaging with the audience.

With the advertising restrictions and regulations for cannabis businesses, you can never go wrong focusing your marketing effort towards consumer education.   Consider a relevant educational campaign based on the type of the cannabis business you have.

You may also want to think about informational video content, which can perform better than static images do. In addition, you can consider using STORIES to market your cannabis business on platforms like Instagram and Facebook (Messenger, Facebook stories).

When brainstorming content, you might want to use such daily stories that can be a great approach to include in your social media plan.  For example, there are more than 300 million people using Messenger and Facebook stories daily while 500 million for Instagram.

Don’t forget about hashtags

Hashtags help in exposing your brand to your niche and audience. They can connect companies, brands, people, products, and services effortlessly.

That’s why you should not forget about the power of hashtags when posting content on social media.  However, there is one thing to remember – do not use the wrong ones. As even if they’re fast and effective, they can also get your posts lost along with other stoner posts.

To prevent it from happening, know your niche’s audience so that you can be more specific in using hashtags.

For example, you might want to consider lesser-known hashtags instead of generic ones like weed or 420.

So if you’re a Miami dispensary, use hashtags specific for your niche’s audience like stoners living in the area.

Run contests

Speaking of engaging with your audience, running contests and giving away freebies or giveaways should not also be forgotten. 

After all, everyone loves free things, and it’s one of the best ways to gain more followers, too. There are many types of contests that you can post on your pages like polls and surveys.

You can also run a contest related to scheduling an appointment with a cannabis doctor for those already with a medical cannabis card for a period of time if you’re a running a local MMJ clinic.

However, you must be cautious. It’s illegal to give away weed products. Instead, you can think of merchandise like a branded lighter or a t-shirt. In addition, you might want to consider other non-cannabis infused freebies for those who would win your contests.

Nevertheless, there are so many ways on how to market your cannabis business on social media. For more help, you can consult a trusted cannabis marketing team that can have your back in strategizing your social media efforts for results later.


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