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Is it Worth Investing in Website Design for Your Small Business?

Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 09:31 am

So, you have a small business that is doing well, and you have been thinking about how you can continue its growth. If you do not have a business website yet, those thoughts have probably turned towards whether you should invest in one.

Setting up a website can incur plenty of costs, especially if you want to build one from the ground up. You will need to pay for a web developer, prepare plenty of content, get a hosting plan, and optimise the site for the search engines. This is without thinking about the online marketing strategies and search engine optimisation you will need for it to rank effectively.

That said, you can get excellent results on a low budget. Website builders offer an out of the box solution which is easier to set up, cheaper to build, and include tons of other benefits too. For example, if you look at Wix tools, you can see the number of business tools they provide.

Whether you go for a website builder or build from the ground up, a website can provide a wide variety of benefits for your small business. Here we look at some of the biggest benefits your business can take advantage of even with a simple website.

1.) You Can Attract New Customers

The goal of any business is to continually find alternative ways to attract new customers, and by having an online presence, you should experience an increase in new potential customers. If you can get your website ranking well for a variety of search terms in Google and other major search engines, it can attract a steady stream of new customers. That is one of many ways to drive traffic to your new business website.

2.) Websites Make Your Business Look Professional

Having a website shows customers you are a serious business that has made the effort to create a professional-looking website. Would you buy from a company that only has social media profiles but no business website? Most would choose a business with a website!

Your website also gives customers a point of contact, a place where you can show off any certifications or awards, and showcase testimonials, reviews, and customer feedback. Also, do not forget to link to your businesses Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media profiles on your web pages.

When it comes to utilizing website designs, there are plenty of service providers who can design and develop top-tier websites that are engaging, detailed, and interactive. With a professional     b2b website design, you’re more likely to find that the website garners more traffic and helps convert leads to clients.

3.) Provide Pictures and Descriptions of Your Products/Services

Through the content on your website, you can clearly break down what a customer can expect from your services. If you sell products, you can showcase them in beautiful high-resolution images. This allows potential customers to get an idea of the quality you offer. They can check out what you sell before deciding on whether to buy. Just make sure the content is engaging, valuable, and informative and you should attract a consistent stream of online sales.

4.) You Can Collect Customer Emails for Future Targeting

When you purchase from a retail store, you simply hand over cash, and the transaction is done. There is no way to know anything about each customer. Online, you can collect email addresses. This could be as part of the checkout process, or simply in return for a free gift, discount, or to subscribe to your newsletters.

Once you have built up a solid list of email addresses, you can target your previous customers via email marketing. You could send out special offers, let them know about upcoming sales, or gently remind them of your products or services. The right strategies could turn one time buyers into repeat customers.

5.) A Website Can Help Customers Find You

If you do a lot of business from the physical address of your business, your website can show them where to find you. Simply add your business to Google Maps, and customers will be able to see where you are, and how they can come to you.

This is perfect for those that do not live in your area and have no idea where your business is based. Without a website, they might have just found somebody closer and easier to find, even if they knew your products and services were of a better value or standard.

The Takeaway

Any small business that wants to continue its growth should think hard about getting an online presence via a website. These do not have to cost as much as you think. Website builders such as Wix provide a low budget but highly effective way to get your business online. We have listed 5 benefits your business could get if it had a website, and those are just some of the most common.  

At the end of the day, over half the world’s population is now online in some capacity. Why would any small business want to remain invisible to the vast majority of these people?


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