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CannaBNN News for Wednesday, August 10, 2022: Lantern Launches Social Equity Incubator, Curaleaf Acquires Four 20 Pharma and More!

Lantern has launched the New York Cannabis Project, a multi-faceted social equity incubator program. The program provides resources, training and education to entrepreneurs entering the cannabis industry in newly legal markets.  The New York Cannabis Project has already worked with Bronx community organizations to support The Bronx Cannabis Hub.

“For far too long, the criminalization of cannabis and the War on Drugs has ravaged Black and Brown communities throughout New York. Lantern’s newest social equity incubator will provide opportunities to those disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs who are looking to enter the regulated cannabis industry and build pathways to business ownership and generational wealth,” stated Akele Parnell, Head of Equity Partnerships at Lantern. “The New York Cannabis Project builds upon the efforts of our four previous social equity programs. Lantern remains committed to generating opportunities for communities disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis and the company is excited about the opportunity to help advance social equity in New York.”

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Curaleaf International Holdings Inc will acquire a majority stake in Four 20 Pharma GmbH. The stake will allow a strategic total acquisition within 2 years of the start of the adult use market in Germany.

“By partnering with Four20 Pharma, Curaleaf’s European business will immediately gain additional critical mass and be in a superior position to capitalize on the accelerating trends in the European cannabis market.” said Boris Jordan, Executive Chairman. “The opportunity in Europe cannot be understated, and Curaleaf is uniquely differentiated from other U.S. MSOs via our already significant presence as the largest and most licensed cannabis company in Europe.” 

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National cannabis Risk Prevention Services (NCRPS) has entered into an agreement with MG Payment LLC to acquire wholesale/re-sale rights the MG Payment suite of banking solutions. NCRPS will be able to offer customized banking solutions to banks in states with legal cannabis markets.

“We are honored and excited to bring this total banking and finance risk management solution to the US cannabis industry as a big step in overcoming one of the market’s biggest risks,” said Rocco Petrilli, president and CEO of NCRPS. “The addition of this capability completes the NCRPS full menu of risk solution processes that will work in unison to drive true cannabis market sustainability through precise risk scoring and follow-up education and execution.”

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Khiron Life Sciences Corp is opening Brazil’s first Zerenia™ clinic in Rio De Janeiro. With their successful medical CBD brand, Khiron will be in a good position to expand their clinics with the release of their THC medical products this fall. 

“Khiron has developed a unique, successful, and sustainable model with the implementation of Zerenia™ in Colombia, Perú, and the United Kingdom.” announced Alvaro Torres, CEO and Director of Khiron Life Sciences. “Brazil is Latin America´s largest addressable market with more than 210 million people and we believe that our Zerenia™ model will replicate the success we have experienced around the world.”

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CryoMass Technologies is to bring their patented cryogenic trichome separation system to the commercial sales market. The CryoMass system will allow cannabis and hemp producers to streamline their processes reducing operating costs without sacrificing quality and improving quantity.

“Finally, after seven years of engineering, product development, and testing, we are ready to commercialize this exciting new technology,” said CryoMass Director and CEO Christian Noël. “And the demand is incredible.  Every week we receive inquiries from cannabis and hemp cultivators and processors from all around the United States and the rest of the world as well.  It’s an exciting time for us.”

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The world’s biggest scientific and medical cannabis conference, Cannabis Science Conference will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center September 14-16, 2022..

“We look forward to bringing the cannabis and psychedelics industries’ best and brightest minds together for another exciting year in Baltimore,” said Josh Crossney, Founder of CSC Events and Director of Cannabis Events at MJH Life Sciences. “Since 2016, Cannabis Science Conference has been leading the way in cannabis science and medical education. Our team was thrilled to launch our first east coast event in Baltimore in 2019 and we’re excited to bring the event back to Baltimore for our 3rd edition of CSC East.”

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Candace Hawkins
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