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10 Unique Promotional Gifts to Show Customers That You Care 

Promotional gifts are one of the best ways to show customers that you care, and to attract new customers. Everyone loves free stuff, and with promotional merchandise, you can satiate that desire while making your brand’s visibility explode. Having a unique promotional gift can better your chances of making this marketing strategy a success. Here are ten unique promotional gift ideas that you should consider: 

1. Polo Shirts 

If you pride yourself on having a business-minded customer base, they will be thrilled by the idea of getting a free polo shirt. By branding that polo with your brand, you’re creating a walking billboard that will spread the good word about your company’s products and services with a smile on your face. And you’ll gain this free word-of-mouth and brand awareness for much less than an actual billboard. 

2. Koozies 

People love to unwind with a cold drink after a long day at work. With a koozie, they can do so much more comfortably. By branding koozies with your logo, you’ll have people thinking of your brands every time they relax at night. Additionally, their friends will be exposed to your brand’s logo as well, and may even ask questions about it. The cooler you can make the logo look on the koozie, the more likely your chances of success will become.

3. Candy

Who doesn’t love free candy? Many businesses are now creating packages of chocolates and other candies branded with their logo and contact information to give out at trade shows and other events. These will not be as long-lasting in terms of advertising potential, but they are a fantastic way of showing how much you care about your customers (both existing ones, and future ones). 

4. Bottle Openers 

Koozies are not the only drink-related promotional item that can help you demonstrate how much you value your customer base. Bottle openers are easy to order in bulk, and are perfectly crafted to keep your logo front and center. Each time they pop open their favorite brew, they will be thinking of your company, even if it’s just for a few brief moments. 

5. Water Bottles 

People have become incredibly health-conscious over the last decade, and part of that is a new dedication to drinking plenty of water throughout the day. If you want someone to feel an intimate connection to your business, giving them a water bottle that they could very well come to love is a great first step. Additionally, you’ll unlock the ability to get your brand in front of new eyes every time your customer takes a sip from their new, branded water bottle in public. 

6. Notebooks 

Notebooks are fantastic for jotting down ideas that you don’t want to lose. If you want customers to think of your brand every time that they go to write down their next genius thought, start printing some notebooks emblazoned with your logo. Creatives, business-minded folk, and everyday people will all love this promotional gift. 

7. Sunglasses 

While summer is over, the sun stays bright year-round. A solid pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes, make you stylish, and keep you ready for the day ahead. Combining this promotional gift with polo shirts can be especially attractive, and will make people flock to your company to receive such awesome swag. 

8. Beach Balls

Is your brand going to a conference or trade show sometime soon? Beach balls are a fun promo gift that can be used in indoor and outdoor settings. As people join in on the fun, they’ll see your brand, and know how they have to thank for the party. 

9. Planters 

Growing plants, and keeping them alive, provides a relaxing, worthwhile hobby for millions. Planters are beginning to become a popular choice for businesses looking for branded promotional items to give out. These tend to be more expensive to invest in, but they are sure to be a wild success. 

10. Scarfs

Scarfs are a strong choice for a promotional item as we enter into the fall and winter months. Once again, you can pair these with other wearable promo items (like sunglasses and polo shirts) to impress your audience. And you can give out scarves to your employees as well to show them that you appreciate their hard work

Impress Your Consumer Base

By gifting people any of these ten unique promotional items, you’ll make them stop in their tracks as they analyze the products and services that your company has to offer them. Few marketing strategies are as fun, effective, and affordable as promotional merchandise giveaways, after all! 


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