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B2B News for Wednesday, September 14, 2022: Jonah Group Acquired, Integrate has a New President

The Toronto-based Jonah Group has been acquired by 3Pillar Global.  The Jonah Group is known for its software creation work for the financial services industry and its high quality engineering.

“This is a huge win for Jonah Group, our employees, and most of all, our clients,” said Jeremy Chan, co-founder of the Jonah Group. “Over the last six months, we’ve been delighted to discover excellent values alignment with 3Pillar extending throughout the organization, most importantly, a shared emphasis on empathy, humility, and transparency within employee and customer relationships. 3Pillar is the preeminent partner for building digital businesses, and we could not have envisioned a better next step for our organization.”

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News of global expansion is a B2B trend this week.

Vendavo, a provider of B2B pricing and selling solutions, has re-opened its Czech Republic office in Prague.

The office will house a mix of Vendavo’s Engineering, Customer Experience, Services, Customer Operations, HR, IT, and Finance teams.

“Over the last few years, businesses across the globe have faced unparalleled economic uncertainty. At Vendavo we’re growing fast, investing in our employees, creating jobs, and fostering community, despite the economic disruption,” said Bruno Slosse, Chief Executive Officer at Vendavo. “This is a win-win for Vendavo and our Czech Republic workforce. We are thrilled to welcome the team to the new office and celebrate Vendavo’s commitment to economic restoration.”

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B2B Precision Demand Marketing (PDM) firm Integrate has appointed John Gurski as President and Chief Revenue Officer. Gurski has a SaaS leadership background including terms with SAP.  

“As buying behaviors continue to evolve, it’s never been more important to focus on building predictable pipeline and revenue, and ensuring tight alignment across the entire customer journey,” said Jeremy Bloom, co-founder and CEO of Integrate. “I am thrilled to welcome John to the team. He is a capable leader who is uniquely skilled to lead a unified, customer-centric, and modern revenue function, and also serve as a culture-keeper who empowers team members to thrive.” 

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If you’re having troubling finding and hiring good candidates, it could be your cybervetting process. The practice of combing a candidate’s social media to gauge their suitability is rife with biases, says a new paper on the subject. The authors caution that organizations need to develop and implement rules about how they use online information about job candidates. Failure to regulate use of cybervetting can introduce bias, invade applicant privacy and hurt the organization’s bottom line.

“Companies seem to assume that cybervetting offers some sort of advantage to their hiring process,” says Annika Wilcox, first author of the paper and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Central Florida. “But our analysis of the research on cybervetting finds that these presumed benefits are unclear – and it is increasingly apparent that cybervetting creates opportunities for biases to influence the hiring process.”

The paper, “Is Cybervetting Valuable?” appears in the journal Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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