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7 Employee Recognition Ideas To Boost Morale And Company Culture

The success factor of any company is employee motivation and corporate culture. Whereas motivation is those things that encourage an employee to perform better, culture is in their minds and influences their perception, feelings, and behavior. Employee recognition is one factor that promotes motivation and culture and is objectively reflected in the company’s success. 

Every company has spoken and unspoken policies or rules, which often are deep convictions that influence the thinking of employees and managers, thereby serving as a roadmap to growth and success. This post explores 7 employee recognition ideas to boost morale and company culture.

Incorporate Employee Recognition as Part of Your Company’s Culture

Creating a culture of recognition is the first step in embracing non-financial rewards and encouraging employees to continue performing exemplary. Most companies have invested in HR digitization; therefore, installing a software for employee recognition is a great way to incorporate this concept. You can take a 360 degrees approach by giving employees and management a chance to contribute their ideas and feedback on recognition ideas.

Public Praises

Experts reveal that we spend a third of our life working or even a little more than that. That’s a lot of time, but realistic. If employees work so much, it’s imperative that they should be satisfied with their work. Appreciating your employees by praising them in the workplace can have positive outcomes. 

People love praise, and at the same time, negative feedback can hurt. It’s a tightrope for you to walk because you must balance between the two. On the same note, don’t just praise your employees in a private office. Public recognition in front of other colleagues and their superiors means a lot to most people. 

Small Office Party

Special treats at work can brighten smiles and liven up your workplace. Celebrating your employees’ achievements in a way that will catch them by surprise is one way to let them know that you appreciate them.

You can also decide to have an old-fashioned surprise party where you decorate the office, kill the lights and jump out of a delicious cake for the employees. Alternatively, have a low-key event and give your workers a round of applause as they clock in. During the tea break, serve them snacks and double up their lunch break.

Employee Gift Hampers

As your employee goes home in the evening, give each a care package with unique gifts such as a notebook, pen, mug, or key holder. Don’t forget to put a special note with memorable words of appreciation. 

Inside the package, you can have creative gift vouchers and target the things employees have expressed interest in during their feedback sessions. Think about zoo tickets, a Netflix subscription, or dinner at Burger King. 

These acts of kindness and generosity may seem minor or small, but they can stay much longer in your employees’ minds and motivate them to work harder. 

Special Breakfast From The Caterer

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. You can surprise the morning risers by organizing a special breakfast from the caterer. Make this a once-in-a-month event but with a lot of ambiguity so that no one will know when you’ll pull a surprise. As part of the company’s culture, employees will be motivated to get to work early, and this can reduce incidences of lateness to work.

Have A Casual Dress Code Day

Employees tend to perform better if they feel more engaged in a relaxed work environment. Allowing employees to have a casual dress code day can lower stress levels and create a welcoming environment. 

Besides, casual outfits are comfortable, and swapping their conservative-colored suits and closed-toe pumps with denim pants, colored jackets and flowery t-shirts shows that they feel appreciated.  

Say ‘Thank You’

Being thankful makes people more optimistic and resilient, which boosts relationships. When you tell your employees ‘Thank You’, you take time to notice what they do. In return, this will translate to positive emotions and kindness. 

Thanking your employees is also a sign of respect for their time working in your company. Showing gratitude towards your employees is a simple yet powerful act that may improve their self-esteem and personal confidence. It inspires, encourages, and results in better performance and low turnover.


Companies are not purely corporate professionals but are social systems with people. Every employee learns the cultural peculiarity of a company and the motivating factors. Employees have goals that they must accomplish for the company to flourish and for their jobs to be guaranteed. 

On the other hand, the company offers a specific work environment that improves the employees’ job satisfaction and well-being. Of course, financial benefits such as salaries and bonuses are the main reasons that attract employees to a company. But, over and above attractive compensation, non-financial benefits play a key role in keeping the employee motivated for the job. 


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