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How To Sell Crypto Services To B2B Firms

Selling crypto-related services to B2B firms is becoming considerably more important. Companies are continually looking for ways to capitalize on new technological trends and build networks of relationships with other organizations. These developments are creating an inter-business market for services, a bit like marketing. If you are planning on capitalizing on this trend and selling crypto to B2B firms, what should you do? Let’s take a look at how to sell crypto services to B2B firms.

Understand How Crypto Works Intellectually

The first step is to understand how crypto works intellectually. You need knowledge of the key principles that undergird how the technology works so you can start buying or selling services, as required. 

Getting to grips with concepts, like the blockchain, is intellectually challenging. Only a handful of people in the world have a deep understanding of how it works, making it difficult to get started. 

However, once you have a solid grasp of the subject matter, it becomes easier to explain to other firms how it works, and how it can benefit them. You can also start building services that deal with industry-specific problems, giving you something you can use to start generating income immediately.

Build A Team Of Experts

The next step is to build a team of experts who understand crypto and blockchain technology. You need individuals who can develop services for potential clients and provide them with reassurance that you know what you are doing. 

Expert teams should ideally comprise people with varying specialties. You want some individuals with a deep knowledge of networking and systems, and others who can program blockchain-based software or who understand how to embed it into existing products. 

Simply having one or two big names on your team is often enough to convince clients that you know what you are doing and can provide real solutions. Demonstrating a minimum viable product can also convince some firms that might be on the fence. 

Educational Content

It’s also critical to put out educational content if you want to get into the blockchain B2B space early. Many organizational leaders still don’t have a good grasp of how the technology works and why they should use it, even if they think they understand it in principle. 

Educational content helps clients understand the benefits of your services in more detail. When you provide them with easily digested information that explains the benefits, they are significantly more likely to come to you for help.

How you go about this process depends entirely on the products and services you want to sell. The more professional you can make your explainers, the more accessible your brand will feel. 

Build Relationships

Another thing you can do is build relationships with other people in the industry. Having them introduce you to new people and concepts makes it easier to expand your business and get to the forefront of the industry. 

Again, how you do this comes down to your firm’s specific objectives. The best approaches often involve connecting with people through social media or working on professional networks, like LinkedIn.

You can also try things like going to conferences on blockchain and crypto-related topics. These help you gain an understanding of topics and meet people in person for the first time. 

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

You’ll also need to ensure regulatory compliance if you plan on selling B2B crypto services. You must follow various anti-money laundering laws and know-your-customer procedures, depending on your jurisdiction. 

Draw Up A Business Plan

If you are planning on selling a complex product, such as crypto, you should also draw up a business plan. Having a plan in place makes it more likely you will cover all bases and build a business that serves the proper function. 

Without a plan, it is easy to get off-track. You can often lose sight of your original intention. 

Writing down your objectives makes it concrete what you should do every day. It also helps you project things like growth, revenue streams, and pricing strategy. Even choosing a business model can form an essential element in business plan formation. 

Work With Other Firms

Another option is to work with other firms. Bringing in operators who have been in the industry for a long time lets you get a head-start over your rivals. 

For instance, you might target cloud mining companies. These can provide information on how to earn extra crypto tokens and how to use them. 

You might also work with the companies behind the various blockchains. These often have considerable experience in helping companies onboard. Some even provide bespoke APIs. 

Gather Feedback And Continually Improve

Once you do start selling, you’ll need to gather feedback and continually improve. Most crypto and blockchain businesses evolve rapidly and require constant updates to remain relevant.

To gather feedback, regularly call your customers or send them email surveys. Try to figure out what you need to do to offer a better service instead of guessing. Don’t fall into the trap of believing you already know what you need to do. 

Scale Up

As your business grows, you’ll also want to scale up your offering to attract larger B2B organizations. The more you can grow, the more trust and authority you will generate, starting a virtuous cycle. 

The best way to do this is, again, to form strategic partnerships with other crypto-based businesses. Having a partner in an established vertical or market who understands how it works can put you at a distinct advantage against other operators trying to enter the space. 

Offer Great Customer Support

You should also focus on providing your B2B clients with excellent customer support. Companies should be able to phone you at any time and get help with problems they experience. 

Ideally, you should be available all the time, but if that doesn’t work with your setup, focus on responding within 60 minutes during regular working hours in your target market. Giving reps the opportunity to call someone builds trust and authority, and helps you keep contracts once the other party signs up. 


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