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Ideas to Schmooze Business Clients

Networking is often referred to as an essential part of business, but it’s not a concept that might come as naturally to some as other elements of business. Therefore, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to lean outside of your comfort zone in order for your business to succeed.

If you’re coming up to a situation where you need to get on the right side of some business clients, laying the groundwork can be important in making a good impression. You’ll have to use your own judgment to decide which idea best suits a specific client, but it’s always good to have multiple suggestions. Read on for some top tips on how to schmooze your business clients.

A Casino Trip

However, the groundwork in question doesn’t have to be so directly tied to your business. You might find that taking time away from the usual business setting and going somewhere more relaxed can put your client in the right frame of mind to lower their guard and let the experience of the day wash over them. 

You could opt for a casino trip, for example; but choosing the right venue is important, though, as you want it to make a good impression. Therefore, you might lean towards one that is more typically glamorous, which could also be one that may be further away as a result. You could even use the travel time as an opportunity to bond with your client and practice the casino games through websites such as spincasino.com. These websites offer a range of experiences including RPG-style games with high-quality audio-visual design, and a variety of ways to pay, including with crypto.


Gambling is a specific interest, though, and you might feel as though you don’t know the client well enough yet to make that kind of decision (that’s what this process is arguably about, after all). In that case, you might find that it’s best to go for a more universal activity in the first instance. 

Taking them out for dinner can be a prime example of how to go about this, with the only information you possibly need beforehand being what kind of food they like, and what kind of allergies or dietary requirements they have. Despite being universal, however, not addressing those potential hiccups could be very damaging to your efforts.

Therefore, as with the casino, your choice of restaurant is very important. You want to make a good impression, and the quality of the food and the quality of the evening will affect that.

Flattery and Sycophant Behaviour

At a glance, flattery seems like a route that makes a lot of sense (and it can be – in the right doses). What you want to avoid, though, is getting to a point where you’re shamelessly complimenting everything that your client does, as this can quickly become tiring, desperate, and transparent. 

Treat them with respect and treat them well, but don’t forget to maintain your self-respect in the process. After all, you’re trying to show them why they should do business with you, and if you don’t come across well yourself, they might not want to. This isn’t just an opportunity to get on their good side – it’s a chance to make a good impression of your brand.


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