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Online Sportsbook in Virginia – What is the difference between operators?

Although online sports betting is a rather recent trend for most of the US, with the practice being legalized in a large number of states since early 2023, the practice has been ongoing since 2023 in West Virginia and the market is well established by now. While most other states are still figuring out who the differentiating factors are and which sportsbooks cater best to different types of players, the data gathered over the last few years has allowed us to provide a review of the most informed choices.

How Betting Markets Differ
When it comes to WV online betting, the  largest factor is the range of betting markets and options available. While most platforms cover major sports leagues, the depth and variety of betting options within those markets vary. Some platforms offer an extensive list of bet types, prop bets, or specialized betting markets, providing users with diverse wagering opportunities. 

While almost any platform will offer you odds on the NFL, MLB and NBA, the distinction tends to come down to if said platform also offers niche sports such as eSports or amateur leagues that are less regulated and where the chance for these sportsbooks to lose money tend to be much greater.

Competitive odds and pricing are pivotal in attracting bettors. Sportsbooks often vie to offer enticing odds, occasionally resulting in differences in pricing for the same event or market across different platforms. The VIG, or bookmaker fee for short, is largely what affects whether or not seasoned gamblers choose a platform. In states such as New York where gambling is taxed at a much higher rate, the VIG is less attractive across the board in order to make up the difference. Contrasting that, West Virginia is seen to have one of the best VIGs in the country.

Promotions and bonuses also play a crucial role in distinguishing sportsbooks. Welcome bonuses and free bets to odds boosts and loyalty rewards are often tied to each state, meaning that a promotion is unique based on where in the country you live. They’re also distinctly important to understand the philosophy of sportsbooks. While some only offer them to engage new players and reap the rewards, others push continuous promotions in order to keep player satisfaction on top.

Features and UI

Live betting features and streaming capabilities during games or events vary among sportsbooks. Some platforms excel in providing real-time betting options and live streaming, heightening the thrill by enabling users to place bets as the action unfolds.

Mobile accessibility and functionality via apps are essential considerations. Sportsbooks with well-designed mobile apps offer convenience and flexibility, enabling users to seamlessly place bets while on the move. Additionally, special features and innovations contribute significantly to differentiation. Exclusive betting formats, specialized markets, or proprietary betting options cater to specific preferences, adding an element of uniqueness to the betting experience.

One such example is the integration of microbets in live markets. While companies like Betr focus almost exclusively on microbetting, the larger sportsbooks have started to integrate it into their platform. A microbet allows users to bet on smaller events, such as corners in a soccer game or whether or not the next set of downs in a football game will be converted. 

Which types of Sportsbooks can I choose from?

West Virginia has a number of different operators, with the most popular being Fanduel, BetMGM, Caesars, Draftkings, BetRivers and PointsBet. Although these operators have marginal differences, choosing a sportsbook largely comes down to what you want out of your betting experience. Someone who wants to maximize their upside should make use of all six in order to claim as many favorable welcome bonuses as possible, whereas someone who gambles for fun should pick the one with the best UI. In this case we think Fanduel and Draftkings stand leagues above the rest, particularly due to consummate professionalism and that they’ve never had security breaches unlike platforms like BetMGM.


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