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Strategic Spotlight: Uncovering Opportunities in the Industrial Sector

Companies looking to embrace or already embrace the digitalization of their processes will find 2023-2024 highly enticing. Technologies, long in the making, are gaining unprecedented popularity and will offer exciting new possibilities across various domains in the coming months. Here are the opportunities in the industrial sector that will bring the most benefit.

Market Trends in the Industrial Sector

#1 Use Artificial Intelligence to Make Decisions

Implementing a digital twin to visualize construction or conducting data analysis to explore new product possibilities are just a few examples. The pervasive growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in business and creativity underscores as proof of its importance in decision-making. It is imperative for companies that have invested in AI to sustain their efforts, while new enterprises should follow suit.

In the industrial sector, a digital twin aids in visualizing optimal machine and personnel placement on a production line. This leads to optimization of space usage, increased productivity, reduced costs, and increased profits.

In the industrial sector, a digital twin aids in optimizing space allocation for machines and workers on the production line, resulting in increased productivity, cost savings, and greater profits. But digitalization comes with risks that can be significantly reduced with VPN for Mac. If you download VeePN for Mac OS, you can protect yourself from phishing, DDoS attacks, direct attacks on your network, data theft, etc. This is a comprehensive solution to many problems, although not all.

#2 Fractional C-Suite Services

Right now, fractional C-suite services are gaining a lot of attention! For example, a tech startup in need of financial models, valuations, and financial planning and analysis for its first seed round funding would greatly benefit from hiring a fractional CFO. This approach offers the same expertise at a lower cost compared to retaining a CFO for a larger sum, especially in the early stages.

#3 Automation

AI’s expansion drives significant automation efforts, streamlining previously manual tasks with reduced human labor. We’ve also explored the corporate benefits of automation: cost reduction, faster timelines, and empowering employees for more creative pursuits – just to scratch the surface. In 2023, automation’s growth shows no signs of stopping.

Let’s revisit production lines as an example. Equipping them with IoT sensors enables us to detect workers’ proximity, and initiate actions like light control or machine startup.

#4 Healthcare Services

Post-Covid-19, the healthcare industry has emerged as a disruptive force in the market. Consumer attention to health is growing every year and you can make money from it. People are willing to pay more for quality products, personalized medical services, and good service. Those types of businesses that put human health and comfort as a priority will be able to grab a large part of the market.

#5 Metaverse

McKinsey projects that by 2030, the metaverse will contribute a staggering $5 trillion to the global economy. Forbes magazine identifies several metaverse trends for 2023, which have direct implications for businesses and can significantly contribute towards achieving this remarkable figure. These trends are already being implemented, making the next twelve months an opportune time for substantial progress.

For instance, the metaverse offers a multitude of options for marketing, as it facilitates the creation of captivating and unconventional experiences compared to traditional marketing methods. Similarly, leveraging the metaverse as a commercial or sales strategy allows for swift presentation of product and service prototypes at a reduced cost compared to physical environments.

In the industrial sector, the metaverse can be employed for product testing or facilitating professional gatherings at a fraction of the cost of traditional venues such as factories, laboratories, or meeting rooms. To ensure success, the following section highlights the latest device announcements, simplifying the adoption process.

#6 Web3

Web3 and its marketing and archiving applications could present intriguing possibilities in 2023. Companies exploring the tokenization of assets or documents and offering exclusive products for fans might find this year particularly captivating. Additionally, blockchain technology has the potential to establish efficient payment platforms.

#7 Education Technology

Businesses require talented and skilled individuals to maintain innovation and competitiveness. However, the digital skills gap is widening due to shorter innovation cycles and rapid technological changes. Edtech enables people to acquire the necessary skills to excel in a constantly evolving global economy, offering lucrative lifelong career opportunities for business development professionals.

#8 Digital Audio

The unique combination of digital audio arises from the convergence of emerging industries such as podcasts, connected cars and homes, voice commerce, and more, with the digitization of an established industry like radio. This parallels the transformative impact of digital video, where platforms like YouTube and social media compelled traditional TV to adapt. The potential for new business opportunities created by digital audio is immense.


Every year new trends appear in technologies that the industry adopts. However, some of them are short-lived and quickly fade away, while others are only gaining momentum. It’s wiser to choose trends that are already established in the industry; they are less likely to become outdated in the coming years. Looking even further, they will soon become a necessity. Those companies that ignore them will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.


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