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Unlocking Potential: The Rising Value and Popularity of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms for Personal and Professional Growth

by Peggy Van de Plassche, author, The Microdose Diet

Recent studies reveal that an estimated 7.1% of adult Americans have used psychedelics, with approximately 49.2% of these users opting for psychedelic mushrooms. This translates to roughly 17.9 million adult Americans who have experimented with psychedelics, indicating a significant prevalence of use in society.

Research also suggests that psychedelics are unlikely to have a negative impact on employment outcomes. In fact, employed individuals who use psychedelics tend to experience better health and lower levels of distress compared to their non-user counterparts. Moreover, psychedelic use may contribute to improved health and foster a sustainable lifestyle within the workplace.

This data underscores a shifting societal attitude towards psychedelics, with a growing acceptance of their potential benefits for mental health. As research continues to evolve in this area, it becomes increasingly important to consider the implications of psychedelic use on public health, workplace dynamics, and individual well-being.

In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, individuals are constantly seeking innovative strategies to enhance productivity, well-being, and overall performance. One such strategy that has gained traction in recent years is microdosing magic mushrooms. By consuming small, sub-perceptual doses of psilocybin, professionals aim to enhance various facets of their lives, from cognitive function to emotional well-being. While the notion may appear unconventional, particularly within corporate settings, it presents intriguing benefits worth exploring. In this article, we’ll delve into five compelling reasons why microdosing at work might be worth considering, along with practical insights on how to navigate this practice responsibly.

1. Rewire Your Brain 

Microdosing psychedelics presents a distinctive avenue for augmenting cognitive function, especially concerning creativity and problem-solving. Studies, like the 2018 Dutch research, illustrate that microdosing facilitates enhancements in both convergent and divergent thinking. This empowerment allows individuals to tackle challenges with heightened innovation and adaptability. Through this process of brain rewiring, microdosers have the potential to open up novel pathways of thought, thereby gaining fresh perspectives on their work. Ultimately, this fosters creativity and excellence in their professional roles.

2. Calm Your Body

The rapid pace of contemporary work settings frequently precipitates stress and burnout among professionals. Extensive research underscores the efficacy of microdosing psychedelics in ameliorating mood and alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. For example, a 2022 clinical trial documented substantial enhancements in mood and a pronounced reduction in anxiety, depression, and stress levels in individuals who engaged in psilocybin microdosing. This indicates the potential of microdosing as a valuable resource for navigating high-pressure scenarios and challenging work environments.

3. Master Your Emotions

Mastering emotions is paramount for success in both personal and professional realms. Microdosing offers a pathway to emotional equilibrium by mitigating symptoms of mood disorders. Through emotional mastery, professionals can tackle their work with clarity and assurance, fostering improved decision-making and deeper connections. Microdosing facilitates introspection into emotions, fosters the development of healthier coping mechanisms, and bolsters resilience, thereby culminating in enhanced well-being and achievement.

4. Raise Your Energy

Research has demonstrated that microdosing psychedelics can enhance focus, concentration, productivity, and overall energy levels. For instance, a study conducted in 2019 revealed that participants reported heightened focus as a significant advantage of microdosing psilocybin. Moreover, microdosing has been linked to favorable effects on mood, creativity, and social aptitude. By elevating energy levels, individuals can combat fatigue and burnout, sustaining optimal performance throughout the day and effectively reaching their objectives.

5. Find Professional and Personal Success 

In essence, microdosing at work presents professionals with a unique opportunity to unlock their full potential and achieve success in both personal and professional spheres. By rewiring their brains, calming their bodies, mastering their emotions, and boosting their energy levels, individuals can access new levels of creativity, productivity, and well-being. Microdosing transcends mere performance enhancement; it delves into the realms of fulfillment and meaning across all facets of life. Embracing this innovative practice with an open mind and a dedication to personal growth allows professionals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, leading to greater success and happiness.

While the concept of microdosing psychedelics in the workplace may initially provoke skepticism, it offers compelling avenues for personal development and career advancement. By staying informed about legal considerations, exploring the personal benefits, and establishing clear protocols, individuals can responsibly integrate microdosing into their work routines. This convergence of microdosing psychedelics and professional life marks a paradigm shift, challenging conventional norms and encouraging individuals to adopt innovative tools for self-improvement. Microdosing has the potential to redefine how we perceive productivity and well-being in today’s workplace, empowering individuals to unlock new pathways to success with enhanced confidence and clarity. So why not take the plunge and explore microdosing? It could lead you to uncharted territories of personal and professional achievement.


Peggy Van de Plassche spent 20 years in the financial services and technology industries as an executive, venture capitalist, board member, advisor, entrepreneur and public speaker. Peggy now focuses her time and energy on the psychedelic industry. She is the founder of The Microdose Diet and The Brain Power Microdose. Her book, MORE! The Microdose Diet – The 90 day plan for More Success, Passion, and Happiness is already available to pre-order and will be distributed in May 2024 by Simon & Schuster. An experienced public speaker, she participated in more than 50 global events. Peggy’s speaking engagements on “Microdosing for More Success, Passion and Happiness” and “Psychedelics in the Office Role, Responsibilities, & Risks for Organizations” have generated tremendous engagement. You can follow her work on SubstackLinkedinApple PodcastYouTube and IG.


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