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Which Casinos Are Considered New?

Some other major new casino projects in development as of 2023 included the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas planned to open in 2023 and the new Bronx casino in New York planned for 2024-2025.

In general, any casino resort that opened in the last 2-3 years would likely still be considered relatively “new” in the dynamic casino/hospitality industry.

Users can filter casinos based on various criteria, such as launch date, player ratings, complaint history, or availability of services such as live chat. This feature can be used if you prefer to play in highly rated casinos. In addition, it is possible to change the order in which online casinos are displayed on the page depending on the date they were added, CasinoRank rating and the number of reviews from users.

How to Know When a Casino Was Established

1. Check the casino’s website: Most casinos will have an “About Us” or “History” section on their website that provides information on when the casino first opened.

2. Search for news articles or press releases: Major casino openings are typically covered by local news outlets and trade publications. Searching for old news articles mentioning the casino’s opening can reveal the establishment date.

3. Look at the casino’s branding/marketing materials: Casinos often highlight their founding year or anniversary in logos, slogans and advertising campaigns.

4. Check gaming regulators: Gaming control boards that license and regulate casinos usually have public databases with details on operating casinos including opening dates.

5. Research the property history: Many casinos are built on land with prior developments. Looking into the history of the land parcel can sometimes uncover when the current casino facility first opened.

6. Contact the casino directly: If other methods fail, you can try calling or emailing the casino’s customer service or public relations department to inquire about their establishment date.

7. Use travel guidebooks/histories: For older, historic casinos, anniversary coffee table books or travel guide chronicles may reference the casino’s founding year.

Getting an exact establishment date can require some digging, but most reputable casinos make their opening year prominently known as part of their brand legacy.


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