How being multilingual can give you a competitive edge

Many B2B executives have found that expanding their linguistic horizons has also expanded their customer base. The importance of multilingualism was driven home lately in an article by Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation, who recently wrote The 6 Top Languages Global-Minded CEOs Should Know. He not only makes the case for multilingualism in the […]

Click-through rate on Facebook ads soared 260% year-over-year

New research found global click-through rates on advertisements in Facebook increased 17 percent in the first quarter of 2015 compared with the fourth quarter of 2014. Year-over-year, the CTR rates are up by a whopping 260 percent. The report noted the Facebook ads analyzed had a 0.81 percent click-through rate in the first quarter. The research firm […]

The New Split: How the enterprise software buyer’s digital habits and information needs are changing (new findings)

It’s not your father’s enterprise software buying environment. The #ensw buyer today is a different buyer with different research habits and information needs. In fact, there is no longer just one type of enterprise softwre buyers, but a nearly 50/50 split between GenX/boomers and GenY decisionmakers who have very different ways of looking for and […]

LinkedIn’s new app turns employees into brand ambassadors

LinkedIn is one of the most important social media networks for B2B professionals, and on Monday the social company announced its entry into the social media management space with a new app called Elevate. Elevate uses human curation and algorithms via LinkedIn’s newsfeed services Pulse and Newsle to allow company employees to share links over LinkedIn […]

Procrastinate at work? It’s bad for your health

Procrastination is a nasty habit that can keep you from filing on deadline, preparing well for a meeting. Waiting until the last minute to accomplish your task can also lead to unnecessary stress. The most recent study on the subject has discovered that procrastination can even be bad for cardiovascular health. Psychologist Fuschia Sirois of Bishop University […]

Hashtag Team: Inside B2B sales research, how to jumpstart your social media marketing

What’s trending this week in the B2B Twittersphere? To find out, B2B News Network partnered with Nexalogy, a Montréal-based social data analysis platform whose NexaMaster analytics tool allows us to sift and sort through every tweet out there to bring you news you can use. This regular column sorts through the top trends in marketing, […]

Buying Twitter followers…Don’t even think about it

by Kay Mathews The practice of buying Twitter followers has been around for about as long as Twitter has been in existence. As you’d expect, it continues today. Twitter follower providers gladly sell large blocks of followers to individuals and businesses at fairly cheap prices, and more is always better, right? Not necessarily. When asked for […]

Live at Montreal’s VentureBeat Roadshow: How to super-charge your mobile strategy

The VentureBeat Roadshow made its stop in Montreal Thursday evening and we were there taking in the many insights on mobile app development and user acquisition. To begin the evening, the keynote speaker, VentureBeat VP John Koetsier, recapped the findings of a series of studies VB completed which surveyed 1500 mobile developers. “It’s a battlefield out there,” Koetsier […]

Live from MarTech: Experience optimization should drive your website redesign

Are you regularly testing your company website for optimization success? If not, Chris Goward would likely be wagging his finger at you. The CEO of Wider Funnel has built an entire company around the concept that testing offers the framework for successful experience optimization. He recently spoke at MarTech, a marketing conference taking place in […]

Live from MarTech: What every CMO should do to go digital

What’s the number one worry on the minds of CMOs in the digital age? Fear of losing ground, of falling behind in digital savviness, of becoming irrelevant. No marketing executive ever wants to hear anyone say, “Sorry, but what you’re offering just isn’t relevant anymore.” Social and mobile are the air we breathe these days. Brand […]

What’s the state of programmatic in Canada? A case study with Slimcut Media

Programmatic is a growing sector of the Canadian online advertising landscape, with video and mobile ad spends at the head of a notable upswing. Yet this method of automated advertising, which is still largely misunderstood, lags behind its U.S. counterpart. But some publishers in Canada aren’t content to wait on the sidelines. Enter Upscale, Slimcut […]