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The Future of App Marketing Will Remain ‘KPIs’ – here’s how to meet them

What will apps look like in 2025? Some might argue it’s impossible to look that far ahead. –Maybe. But barring some bolt from the blue, two things are certain to dominate the next couple of years: augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). AR isn’t exactly a new technology, and there have been grumblings and […]

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B2B News for Thursday, October 7, 2021: The Ethics of Working with Facebook, Cisco AppDynamics Leadership, Remote Work and an Island Paradise

Do you want your social media spend to fund societal break-down? Advertisers should be re-thinking how they work with Facebook and other social media channels, says marketing expert Michael Wall. As testimony from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen about how Facebook has jeopardized public safety continues, calls to regulate the social media network are ringing more […]

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B2B News for Tuesday, October 5, 2021: Planning for Emergencies, Interac Acquires SecureKey & Office Mental Health Matters

Did you mark yourself “safe” from yesterday’s Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp outage? The usual feed of pictures of cats and everyone’s kids returned last night after the day-long outage coincided with found Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before a house committee on Capitol Hill. Users expressed something akin to elation on Twitter as the billionaire’s fortunes […]

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B2B News for Friday, October 1, 2021: Trust in Leadership, Ad Targeting Tools, Waste Management Industry Heating Up

A reflective and somber mood remains the day after observing Canada’s first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. It’s not a bad thing for B2B industries, used to a relentless forward movement, to take some time to think about where we are going to consider the past we want to avoid repeating. Let’s call it […]

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B2B News for Wednesday, September 20, 2021: Thinkific Appointments, Circle Boom Launch, Top Startups Named

EdTech is poaching execs from social. At least, that’s how Thinkific’s latest appointments make it look.  The learning platform for appointed Henk Campher as Chief Marketing Officer and Chris McGuire as Chief Technology Officer. Campher comes from Hootsuite while McGuire is an internal promotion. He currently serves as VP of Engineering. “We are very excited […]

APTUM CLOUD IMPACT STUDY PART 4: Navigating the Modernization Minefield

As we emerge from the pandemic, business leaders are shifting priorities away from business continuity towards business recovery. Cloud has been instrumental in steering business through the process of recovery and organizations are examining the new reality and adapting their operating models accordingly. With this in mind, the fourth and final part of Aptum’s 2021 […]

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How To Effectively Manage Your Field-based Teams

When it comes to managing field-based employees, there are several key components that must be considered. These components include understanding the skills your team needs, knowing how to motivate and inspire them, using best practices for communicating with them, and more. Walkie Talkie app One helpful resource that can help field-based employees is Walkie Talkie. […]

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B2B News for Friday, September 24, 2021: New Money for Flippa, Plannuh and MIraki, Procore Acquires Levelset, Xeriant and XTI Aircraft to Merge

This week saw a lot of funding activity as B2B technology continues to accelerate to support work from home, hybrid workplaces and to meet the needs of industry niches. Flippa, a company that helps entrepreneurs with succession plans or selling their businesses, has raised $11 million US to accelerate its growth and development. Since the […]

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B2B News for Thursday, September 16: GaN Systems Signs BMW deal, Corporate Tax Rate Report, GPJ Acquisition & More

September is the serious month. The kids are back at school, there are twice as many cars on the road, twice as many passengers on the commuter train and twice as much B2B news to report. Personal finance site Wallethub released its Corporate Tax Rate Report yesterday. Key observations about US corporations include: The overall tax […]

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B2B News for Tuesday, September 14, 2021: Intuit Acquires Mail Chimp & Call Centre Empathy

Intuit will acquire Mail Chimp for approximately $12 billion US in cash and stock. The plan is to develop an end-to-end customer growth platform for small and mid-market businesses. The new tool will allow clients to combine their customer data from Mailchimp and QuickBooks’ purchase data. “We’re focused on powering prosperity around the world for […]

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B2B News for Thursday, September 9 2021: TMP & Accenture Acquisitions, SAP Award, SEO Importance

There has been some serious consolidation of B2B tech marketing in the UK recently. The Marketing Practice (TMP) has acquired Kingpin Communications. The merger brings together two leaders in B2B technology marketing. Last month, TMP acquired Omobono, a digital experiences agency The combined group employs more than 300 people in the US, UK, Germany and Australia. […]

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B2B News for Tuesday, September 7, 2021: Farming Robots, Duckweed Protein & New CEOs at Panasonic and Formel D

Agriculture is a B2B sector we’ve only covered through its interconnections with logistics and supply chain management. That must change. With more focus on the potential for unfairness between the industry and its large migrant workforce, technology is playing a larger role with implications for workers, developers and everyone concerned with the food supply. IDTechEx’s […]