Ransomware: Be ready for the growing threat

By Darren Yablonski The risks to business continuity have had many faces: malicious insiders, accidental deletion, and natural disasters to name a few. Today, the face of the enemy has changed. Ransomware is on the rise, making it the new top threat for organizations of all sizes. And as technological innovation grows, the threat posed by ransomware increases as well. Ransomware is consistently […]

Why Automation and Cyber Security Are Critical to Your Business

Automation and cyber security are hot topics these days. Whether it’s about automation increasing lead generation for businesses or businesses losing millions of dollars to cyber criminals, they are topics you can’t ignore.  While automation and cyber security may not readily cross your mind when considering small business tools, they can significantly protect your business […]

How To Manage Cybersecurity Threats Caused By Employees: A Guide For Remote Companies

Despite the conscious efforts of business owners to implement robust cybersecurity measures within their organization, there may be cases wherein data breaches could still happen. For instance, this could be due to human error or mistakes made by your employees. This can be critical since your team members should be the company’s first line of […]

The evolving role of security teams in UX innovation

By Gregg Ostrowski, Executive CTO, Cisco AppDynamics Today, in order to generate value for businesses and their customers, applications must be increasingly robust to ensure a satisfying user experience and minimize bad interfaces that generate mistrust or question the way their data is handled. In this age of immediacy, users are eliminating deficient applications from […]

How Can A Data Breach Impact Your Company?

Image Credit Data breaches keep dominating headlines worldwide day after day. Although organizations are placing a greater emphasis on their data security, cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new ways to bypass defences and access essential corporate data. According to the 2021 Thales Data Threat Report, nearly 45% of American companies experienced a data breach […]

Does a VPN protect you from hackers in 2022

10 Cybersecurity Statistics To Know in 2022

Reflecting on how cybercrime and cybersecurity have evolved through time and into what we see now is a positive start toward defending your company from attacks in the future. The latest statistics show that cybercrime is on the rise, just as technical improvements are. Since cybercriminals aren’t going away anytime soon, it’s critical to be […]

Common E-commerce Security Threats

10 Extremely Common E-commerce Security Threats Businesses Should be Aware Of

E-commerce is bigger than ever before. With our shifting economic world, the often more affordable nature of online shopping has been extremely attractive to customers (especially as inflation continues to rise). For this reason, e-commerce websites have become prime targets for malicious attackers with bad intentions. The first step in protecting yourself is knowing what […]

Digital Identity Verification

Obliterating Deception With Digital Identity Verification

Digital identity should be unique to individuals in a technological environment. People should establish their existence and describe their characteristics through it. Verifying a person’s name, identity, and presence has long been a prerequisite in complex human societies. Today, various identity verification methods are used to authenticate and prove identification. They help blur the borders […]

Cisco study shows Canadian orgs are slow to adopt security architectures

Cisco released today its second annual Security Outcomes Study, which reveals some of the greatest advantages and impediments organizations face to achieve cybersecurity success.  The study found that Canadian organizations are lagging in their adoption of security architectures, and as a result are at a greater disadvantage in protecting against attacks. Only 39.5% have a mature implementation of Zero […]

Want To Become A Professional In Cyber Security? Here's How To Do It

Want To Become A Professional In Cyber Security? Here’s How To Do It

Thanks to modern technology, more and more businesses are harnessing the power of IT. B2B companies are taking advantage of big data and increasing amounts of confidential information are being stored in the cloud. Sadly, cybercrime is on the increase and the perpetrators rarely standstill. As new technologies are developed, the vulnerabilities that can be […]