True love or bad data? (Database dating advice for the brokenhearted)

For too many marketers and sales professionals, the relationship with the database is complicated, unsatisfying, and fails to live up to its potential. To you, we say, dry your eyes: This Valentine’s day, DiscoverOrg’s data relationship advice expert is here to solve your stickiest data dilemmas. Get ready to fall in love with your data […]

sales and marketing

Sales and marketing data providers: How to choose the best from the rest

Poor or inaccurate contact sales and marketing data results in significant losses in revenue and customer retention – both things no business can afford to lose.  In addition, implementing a sales contact data solution purely in the spirit of “cost effectiveness” can be a fatal mistake. On the flip side, good sales contact data can […]

Google Analytics

5 steps to stop the marketing data hypnosis

Are you sitting in the same weekly metrics meeting staring at your data, or are you using it? These five steps can take you from observation to action, and results. The tools that are available to the average multidisciplinary marketer do not make this easy. Dashboards and platforms are data-fragmented and immature. By trying to […]