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AOL announces cross-device programmatic system, to debut in February

The veteran Web player announced a new cross-device ad targeting system aptly called One. AOL is combining its ad platforms such as Adap.TV and AdLearn Open Platform (AOP), by taking programmatic buying of video from Adap.TV and display and banners from AOP, as Ad Week reports.

“This is really along that pathway of making life easier for marketers within our platforms,” said Chad Gallagher, director of mobile at AOL Platforms. “Two major pieces of data are now available: device-linking technology linking users from desktop to mobile devices. The second piece of data is [location information].”

Early results are promising, AOL notes. Test brands such as Citi and T-Mobile  have seen a 30 percent increase in the effectiveness of their ads, with a $55 cost per action dropping to $35.

AOL said One will debut in February 2015.

“We take a very integrated, holistic approach to how we engage our customers,” Peter DeLuca, T-Mobile’s svp of brand and advertising, said in a prepared statement. “Reaching them on multiple platforms with relevant content suitable for each channel—whether that be their desktop or mobile device—helps us target our message, build brand awareness and lead to direct customer action.”

AOL has identified 100 million consumer profiles that could target multiple devices, and it claims 93 percent accuracy reaching the intended target, as measured by comScore, Ad Week adds.

In related news, AOL Platforms, a division of AOL, and Multi Channel Network (MCN), a prominent Australian media advertising company, are working together to pilot what they say is the media industry’s first integrated programmatic private marketplace for television, according to media reports.

In a recent AOL study, almost half (48 percent) of advertisers believe the use of programmatic trading is helping open up new forms of creativity and storytelling, while 28 percent said the automated form of ad buying “inhibits” creativity.


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