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How to make the best explainer video for your company

How does your company begin to explain its services or products? If you’re like most organizations, it’s probably with heavy text and a couple of images thrown onto a webpage. We know that more time spent on a page improves the chances of conversion. So why then do we constantly use boring approaches to explain exciting innovations?

Enter the explainer video. These short, informative videos are the perfect method for demonstrating whatever it is your company wants to show off. Making a quality explainer will help improve your conversion rates by offering clear and intriguing ways to describe your firm and its services.

And while there’s no secret recipe to making a perfect video, here are a few things to consider when getting started:

It’s all about the script

You can have an talented cast, the best director in the world, and stunning visuals, but the movie will tank if the script is lousy. The same goes with your explainer videos. It isn’t so much a question of whether to go with animation or whiteboard, but what the actual content will be.

Before you consider how your video will look, you need to know what it’s going to say. Once you have a solid script, it’ll become pretty clear which direction to go. Also, if you’re outsourcing your video production (which you should, but we’ll get to that) make sure they aren’t the ones writing your script for you as well. Nobody knows your business like you. Finally, make sure you clearly mention who you are, what you are offering, and what the benefits and features are. To get some inspiration, watch how Crazy Egg does a commendable job with their video.

Hire someone to make your video

You may be a wiz at home videos or filming music fests but that doesn’t qualify you to shoot company videos. If you really want to make a quality production, go with a company that has done it before. If this is your first attempt, a quick Google search will give you access to the portfolios of a number of different companies. Switch Video, for example, is a popular option that operates out of Collingwood, Ontario and has created videos for TD Canada Trust, Facebook and HP.

Just remember that when searching for a production company, make sure to look at previous examples of their work and pick a company with experience in your industry. Keep in mind that hiring a professional company can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $20,000 If this exceeds your budget, don’t be afraid to use a freelance service like Elance. There are a number of talented freelancers who do great work at a fraction of the price, but be sure to get referrals.

Find someone for your voice-over

If you do decide to make the video in-house, or use a freelancer, make sure to find some voice talent for your piece. Your head of communications doesn’t need to be the company voice at all times. Find someone with experience, and it’ll only boost the quality and professionalism of your work. Most talent isn’t very expensive, with the majority of professionals only costing a few hundred dollars at most. You need to find a voice that matches the tone of your video. For example, a Schwarzenegger voice may not be the best choice for ecommerce software, but would do well for a gym or health supplement company.

Promotion and Testing

Even after taking the time to create a script, hire the right production company, and choose the perfect voice, you can’t expect instant success. You could create an amazing video that ends up going viral, but if you’re a B2B and your video is being shared by high school students, it won’t have the effect you were hoping for. You have to make sure the right eyes see the video. Also, harness the right analytics to see if your video is causing people to stay on your page longer than before. By split testing an old landing page without the video, and one with the video, you’ll see pretty quickly how much of an impact it’s having. Remember, the longer a visitor stays on your page, the better the chances of them converting into a lead or sale.


Promote the video on social, and ensure the explainer is included in press kits and media outreach campaigns.

Finally, remember to make sure your video works on a number of different browsers and devices. With companies allowing Bring Your Own Device policies, there’s no way to anticipate how your video will be played.

Sometimes there is no better way to learn than from others. Take a moment to see what CIBC and HootSuite have done with some of their videos.



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