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Hashtag Team: Don’t neglect your email subject lines, how B2B sales will evolve in 2016

Last updated on December 29th, 2015 at 03:35 pm

#HappyHolidays everyone! And welcome to the latest edition of the Hashtag Team, our weekly round up of the most shared and buzzworthy B2B content on social media.

As the end of the year approaches, many of the most popular pieces of content on social media this week revolved around what we can expect in 2016 for B2B marketing and sales. We also found some clever holiday campaigns, advice for writing killer email subject lines, and a great e-book on “scarce” content.

We’ve used Nexalogy to easily sift through piles of social data and discover these articles, and have collected them here to keep you in the loop.


6 Clever B2B Marketing Campaigns

The holiday season always brings an influx of marketing campaigns, for better or worse. In this post on the Salesforce Pardot blog, Jenna Hanington has rounded up six of her favourite B2B holiday marketing campaigns that she’s seen thus far. From a personalized video message, to a content marketing Christmas carol—these holiday campaigns will give you a ton of inspiration and, if anything, are perfect for browsing through during these last (long) afternoons at the office.

B2B Email Subject Lines

I don’t have to convince you how important subject lines are to the success of your email campaigns. A savvy subject line will often mean the difference between having your email opened, or having it promptly sent to the trash. With that in mind, this post from Garrett Hollander at SalesStaff covers five “killer” email subject lines and offers advice as to how you can incorporate them into your own email marketing strategy.

How to Capitalize on “Scarce” Content

Five minutes spent scrolling through Twitter will prove there’s no shortage of content being produced—more content than people can possibly ever consume, even. Enter the idea of “scarce” content: only publishing the best and most in-depth content, when you truly have something of value to say. It may seem like a simple idea, but for B2B firms it can pay off huge. This e-book from Contently covers how five B2B players in the tech industry are using scarce content to find much success.  

How B2B Sales Will Change in 2016

In this post on Inc., AJ Agrawal from Alumnify details how changes in marketing, buyer behavior and software will influence B2B sales in 2016. While these types of changes can often come with challenges, AJ also outlines the opportunities that arise for B2B organizations with each one.


6 B2B Content Marketing Infographics for 2016

Getting ready for the new year requires a lot of planning and foresight. Victoria Hoffman at Uberflip has curated not one, but SIX infographics to help you get a head start on content marketing in 2016.

If you missed last week’s edition of Hashtag Team written by Brett Wilkins, head here to check it out. As always, if you have any B2B content we think we should share next week, let us know below or via @b2bnewsnetwork.


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