Nominations open for our B2B Fintech Influencer Index

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Fintech – it’s big and getting bigger and it’s got the traditional banking system looking over its shoulder.

Whether it’s alternative currencies, new payment systems, or innovations in managing cash flow and sourcing investment, fintech is changing the world of finance. B2B is no different.

We want to know – who are the most important voices in B2B fintech? Whether it’s through investing, fundraising or payments, who understands the B2B landscape best – or is busy creating it?

Nominate your B2B fintech influencer of choice and we’ll compile a list of the most interesting, influential and up and coming.

Click here to make your nomination.

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The Primer on Fintech and how it’s simplifying everything.

InvestNextDoor is one example of a Fintech company that’s breaking new ground in investment and financial services.

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