Nominations open for B2B News Network’s American B2B Content Marketing Influencer Index

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Recently, we ran our Canadian B2B Marketing Influencer Index.

When we put out the call for nominations, we got an amazing response – the best we’d ever seen. And every nomination was well deserved, as we believe that behind every successful B2B organization is a dedicated marketer.

Now it’s time to feature our neighbours south of the border. We’re looking for your nominations for our American B2B Content Marketing Influencer Index.

Over the past decade or so, B2B marketing has emerged as a discipline in its own right. Catering to the unique needs of businesses, B2B marketers are always looking for innovative ways to use social media to their company’s advantage, and other methods of fostering relationships with their clients. They frequently need to go above and beyond classic marketing tactics to make an impact.

Because of the niche fields in which they work, it’s not unusual for B2B marketers to have to work twice as hard as B2C marketers to generate the same amount of attention.

Once again, we want to hear from you. We’re looking for B2B marketers who are generating significant results in their fields, and influencing real business change through their work. You tell us: Who are the fantastic American B2B marketers? Is someone getting your company amazing press, or making a name for an up-and-coming business?

Click here to make your nominations, and we’ll compile a list of the most interesting, innovative and influential American B2B marketers.


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Tracey Tong

Tracey Tong

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