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The Presidential Debate

Is Trump the pro business candidate? Should anyone be looking at Trump as a viable candidate? Well, many are.

CNN Reports


Twitter + Microsoft

Not in love with this engagement. Please call Marc Anddeessen just buy it and let it be what it is supposed to be, a postal service for people who hate email that also allows people to follow your posts. It’s a utility that should be run like a utility. If he combined it with the Postal Service … A girl can dream. But Microsoft, no. It’s too big and important to live inside something else.
CNBC Full Coverage


Tech Analysis

ABM is truly shaking up the marketing world. Terminus is on. $2 million run rate. Remarkable. It’s also exposing weakness in the analyst industry. Did it hit the Gartner HypeCycle? Did ABM and taxonomy completely bypass the analysts? What does that imply? We’d love to hear from customers who got really great counsel from their analysts this year is hat leftover s material change in the business.


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