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top 3 at 3
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1. IBM’s World of Watson event demonstrated how central the AI engine is to the future of the business and where IBM sees the world going. Impressive to watch CEO Rometty charting a risky course that is simultaneously another big leap from their current incarnation, and clearly starting to generate results. Will Watson as a service outshine similar offerings from competitors? Showcasing much of the conference content in the form of Watson as character and storytelling was smart. Competitors are offering tech, not solutions, and IBM letting customers and partners do the talking helped the content break through.

2. Microsoft and Apple appear to be exchanging places. The Surface innovations presented mark as much of a departure from the old Microsoft as Watson does at IBM. Nadella is clearly an inspired choice for CEO, winning enormous accolades for the vision the company laid out for Surface and personal computing, one met with both disbelief and excitement by the digerati. Meanwhile, Apple continues to not really innovate much. Can you say there is a stronger vision right now out of Redmond than Cupertino? I think you can.

3. Will Nov 8 result in a big huge hack on the electoral system? There are rumours it is coming. Networks and manufacturers must be battening down the hatches.

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