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9 Myths About Knowledge Base That Keep Businesses From Growing

Although more and more businesses are entering the world of knowledge management, a great number of business owners are still skeptical about using a knowledge base system. They continue to use old strategies for sharing their content, both within their business organization, and with their customers. They choose the path of least resistance, because it makes them feel safe and secure business-wise, which is completely normal. A change can be difficult and it can make engaging in novel business ventures somewhat scary.

However, if you never make changes, you will lead your business to stagnation, or perhaps even risk closing it. You should always try and implement changes, as they will help you grow your business and take it to a whole new level, eventually beating your competition.

Knowledge base software can help you significantly grow your business, so take a look at how you can maximize it and improve your every business operation.


  1. Knowledge Base Software Is Difficult to Use

This is one of the first things that come to mind for a lot of people when they hear about knowledge base software. It is the most common myth preventing them from even trying to use it. People avoid things they don’t know or understand.

The truth is that knowledge base software is unbelievably easy to use and it can make completing your every single task a piece of cake. Anyone who has access to it can easily edit the content and contribute to the knowledge base, thus helping your entire company improve. The moment you install the software, you will see how easy it is to use it, so make sure you try it as soon as you can.


  1. Your Content Will Not Be Secure

knowledge base security

The mere thought of putting something online makes many people consider their privacy and security first, and with good reason. This particularly frightens business owners, since they don’t want any of their content and sensitive information to go to the wrong hands.

However, did you know that you can restrict access to your knowledge base? You can share the information in your central database with individual team members or employees, while allowing public access only to your blog articles and FAQ pages, for instance. Your clients’ personal information and other sensitive content will remain absolutely secure, so your reputation will be intact.


  1. You Will Lose a Competitive Edge

Yet another common myth about using a knowledge base is that you will lose competitive edge by sharing too much information, that is, by making too much of your content available online. Quite the contrary, you will actually gain a competitive edge, because you will provide your customers with the exact help they need, by giving them access to the relevant content that they will find useful. Hence, you will only attract more customers and grow your business.


  1. Expensive Technology Is Required

Knowledge base software is far from expensive and maintaining it doesn’t require any expensive technology. The common myth is that managing content in a knowledge base requires a great investment in terms of time, money and resources, but the small bit of investment you would have to make to simply install the software will incredibly benefit your business, and even help you save a lot of money.


  1. Your Employees Will Need a Lot of Training

knowledge base training

Using a knowledge base does not require extensive training at all, since it is very easy to use. Your employees can easily learn everything they need on their own, but it still doesn’t require much time. Knowledge base systems are so easy to navigate that anyone can sift through the stored information pretty quickly and, more often than not, with no need of training whatsoever.


  1. It Will Take Too Much of Your Time

Due to the incredible ease of use, you can manage and organize your content very quickly, not to mention that you can collaborate and communicate with your team members in real-time. This will help you save quite a lot of your time, so that you can focus on your core competencies and work on improving and growing your business.


  1. The Efficiency and Productivity Within Your Company Will Decrease

Many business owners think that their employees won’t be able to reach the desired levels of efficiency and productivity if they have to deal with the hassle of managing and sharing content in a knowledge base. It is actually the complete opposite – they will be able to instantly share knowledge and, thus, complete their tasks more efficiently and effectively.


  1. Team Collaboration Will Decrease

knowledge base collaboration

Knowledge base software offers great communication and collaboration features, so your entire workforce can easily communicate in real-time and work together on a number of projects with the goal of completing everything efficiently and more effectively. Delegating tasks will be much easier as well and you will significantly improve your entire company collaboration.


  1. It Will Be Tricky to Provide Great Customer Support

With the use of knowledge base software, you can actually greatly improve your customer service and provide your customers with excellent support whenever they need it. Your customer service agents will have instant access to all the relevant information whenever they communicate with customers. You will inspire customer loyalty and attract more customers, eventually succeeding in growing your business.
These myths all stem from a lack of knowledge – the ones who believe in them are the ones who haven’t tried using a knowledge base and have no idea how many benefits it can provide them with. Don’t be one of those people. Make sure you start taking full advantage of knowledge base software and lead your business to exponential success.


If you’d like more information on knowledge base software, check out ProProfs for benefits, improvement and growth.


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