Report: State of Video Marketing 2016

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Demand Metric and Vidyard have researched video content marketing, and published a collaborative study on video performs as a content type, The State of Video Marketing 2016. This study also explores where video is hosted, measured, and how video viewing integrates with the sales funnel. This 2016 study also addresses personalization, and the use of video in Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

The analysis of this study’s data provided these key findings (and others):

  • Over 90 percent of the study’s participants share that video marketing content is becoming more important, a consistent three-year trend.
  • More than half of the study’s participants produce 11 or more videos annually, with large companies representing the most prolific creators of video content.
  • Video content is most commonly used on websites and with social media, and “Explainer” videos are the most common type in use.
  • 14 percent are using advanced video measurement, unchanged in all years of the study. Study participants that use advanced measurements also report that the ROI of their video is changing for the better at double the rate of those who report their ROI is unknown.
  • Almost half of the survey participants agree that having video viewing data about leads in the sales funnel is of great value, but less than one-third have integrated this data with sales and marketing systems.
  • Of the organizations in the study that are personalizing content, more than half are personalizing their video content.
  • Less than 10 percent of participants use video as part of their Account-Based Marketing strategy.

Their recommendations for getting the highest performance and best return on video also remain consistent year over year:

  • Integrate viewing data. Integrating viewing data with marketing automation and CRM systems is the catalyst to unlocking the value of this data and enabling sales teams to gain insights about lead qualification, where it can serve as lead scoring input and, in general, show how video content is performing.  For those organizations using or planning to use ABM, integration of this data will facilitate the more effective use of video in the ABM content mix.
  • Embrace advanced measurements. Video content is not the exception when it comes to the ability to track advanced metrics about consumption and engagement.  However, few organizations in this study exploit this data, in some cases due to lack of integration.
  • Own a sharing channel. Engagement is the purpose of video content marketing, and organizations need a secure channel that lets them have full control over their brand presentation, while also providing the data for tracking and optimizing conversions. Study participants that recognize the importance of having a secure video-sharing channel are far more likely to report that the ROI of their marketing video content is getting better.


For the complete report: The State of Video Marketing 2016

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