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B2B Trending Conversations: Avoiding Lead Gen Mistakes (and more)

Welcome back to another edition of B2B Trending Conversations, our weekly roundup of the hottest B2B posts sifted and sorted from Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites. This week we’ll identify seven big lead generation pitfalls and how to avoid them, we’ll see what a boost you can get by publishing on LinkedIn and we’ll review some of the most useful content marketing tools. There are also tips on choosing the right social platform for your B2B company and an infographic on holistic inbound marketing. Let’s jump right in!


B2B Lead Generation

The bad news first: B2B professionals make plenty of mistakes when it comes to lead generation. The good news is you can easily avoid many of the biggest lead generation errors with minimal effort. Strong Social Media lists seven glaring lead gen blunders and helps you avoid them. Make sure you’ve got a dedicated landing page — it’s the most critical tool you possess for successful lead generation. You’ll also need a call-to-action button; your visitors won’t be converted to leads without one. Don’t forget to always focus on user needs, show features instead of benefits and keep the quantity of text down to avoid turning off possible leads. Offers should be immediately obvious, and it’s absolutely critical to optimize your lead gen pages for mobile.


B2B Influencers

If you’re an influential B2B marketer who publishes on LinkedIn focusing on management, culture, marketing and social media, chances are you’ve seen a significant jump in engagement. In fact, LinkedIn reports top writers received 64 times more comments, 52 times more likes and 24 times more shares on their articles than average users. Laurie Fullerton at The Drum News explains some of the top influencers focus on what works and what doesn’t. In B2B marketing, industry thought leaders and subject matter experts tend to have the greatest impact because of their highly specialized knowledge and authority; they are more likely to enhance brand awareness, especially in marketing technology and social media.


B2B Content Marketing

As content marketing fast becomes the prevailing standard, creating powerful campaigns demands managing writing, social media, video production and product management skills. That’s a lot to handle, but fear not, the intrepid folks at Social Media Dezign have shared five ultimate content tools to help get you started creating great campaigns. ClearVoice is a complete content-marketing ecosystem. Outbrain can help marketers struggling with publishing and distribution issues. HubSpot is perhaps the gold standard of inbound-marketing platforms. Trust BuzzSumo for analytics-driven insights into which online outlets or influencers are getting the most traction in your space. When you need consistent quality written content, Copify is there with content on demand.


B2B Social Media

Have you ever struggled with selecting the right social media channels for your business? You’re not alone, and the social pros at Brand Chemistry are here to help. Not all social media channels are created equal and you don’t have to be on some of them just because they exist. For B2B professionals, LinkedIn is an obvious choice because it’s top dog in peer networking and industry-specific posts. It’s imperative to understand your brand, business and resources, outline your social media goals and objectives, know your buyer personas’ online behavior and identify your competitors. You’ll also need to learn which types of content best resonate with your audience and keep geographic considerations in mind — while Facebook has nearly 1.5 billion monthly users, a Chinese target audience is just as likely to use QZone, Weibo or WeChat.


Inbound Marketing (Infographic)

7 Mantras Of Inbound MarketingSource:Infographic On The Multi-Dimensional Hubspot COS

Inbound marketing is a holistic process aimed at a single, scalable platform that attracts prospects through education. The experts at Hub Monks believe inbound marketing success requires adherence to seven mantras. Start by defining specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals. Once you’ve set your goals, determine who will help you fulfill them. Goals and buyer personas will then guide you as you create targeted digital assets. Boost visibility by honing your online marketing tactics, generate and nurture leads and turbocharge your CRM process to better empower your prospects to purchase and build long-term trust in your brand.


That’s the B2B buzz for this week. Join us again next week for another edition of B2B Trending Conversations; until then you can check out our 2017 outlook here. We wish you a productive week and we love to hear from you; we’re at @B2BNewsNetwork.



Feature image source: Lugar Blog


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