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5 Signs You’re Using the Wrong Brand Colours

Branding is one of the most important, and most complicated, facets of business. Branding is about showing the public what your product or service is about in one quick snapshot. Social media has changed the way companies advertise as customers find themselves bombarded with targeted ads, pop-ups, and email campaigns. Your branding strategy has to be well thought-out and effective in an instant.

You may have a great message and branding strategy, but if you are using the wrong colours, your brand will be in trouble. Obviously, the colours used in your logos, promotional signs and products are the first thing people will see, so you need to make sure you are using colour correctly.

In fact, some studies show that colour can increase brand recognition by 80%. To build brand trust and credibility, your brand strategy (and you should definitely have a strategy) needs to focus on the way colour is used.

Below are five signs that show you may be using the wrong brand colours.

The Colours Distract From Your Brand

Have you ever seen a sign that is just hard to look at? For example, just because your favourite colours are blue and red doesn’t mean you should use them together in your branding. If the colours you use on your branding messages make words hard to read or are even abrasive to look at, you are doing something wrong. Your audience needs to be able to clearly see your message, your logo, and any other information you are trying to convey. Colours that clash with one another, or that are so alike that words are obscured, will not allow your message to get across to potential customers.

Your Brand Colours Do Not Set You Apart

There are some brand colour schemes everyone is familiar with. Coca-Cola has its iconic red and white can and McDonalds has the yellow arches. Also, think about sports teams and even countries, both things that can be identified by the colours on a uniform or flag. When you consider your brand, you need to consider your competition, your customers, and your community. Are you using the same colours as another brand with a similar product or service? If so, you will create brand confusion and have a harder time distinguishing your brand in the public’s mind.

The Colours Send the Wrong Message

There is quite a bit of psychological and sociological research behind the way people interpret colour. Certain colours, like red and bright yellow, evoke passion and excitement, while other colours, like blue and green, inspire calm and peace. Think about the message you want to send and craft your brand colours accordingly. Take the time to research the way colours are used in successful brands and also learn from others’ mistakes. Better yet, seek the help of a brand creation firm to do the legwork for you.

You Did Not Talk to Experts

Your brand is one of the most important parts of your business, but many people are reluctant to spend money on expert advice and graphic design services. It is essential that you commit to crafting the best brand message by talking to a brand design expert about your vision and message. Invest in your brand colours if you want customers to invest in your brand.

Your Brand Lacks Colour Consistency

The public will experience your brand in a variety of formats.  Web-based advertising, mobile websites, print, business cards – however you market your brand, you need to ensure the colour is consistent. If your green logo on your website looks bluish on a print mailer, it is harder to associate the information on the mailer with your website. Likewise, if you believe it is the words and design that matters so you change your colours regularly, there is a strong chance your brand will not stay at the top of your customer’s mind.


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