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App of the Month: Workmates

Last updated on August 25th, 2017 at 03:47 pm

You’ve used recruitment marketing to attract the best employee talent on the planet. Hopefully if you’re using technology to attract employees, you’re using something to retain them as well.

If you have a global staff, one that works in an office all the time, or one that’s remote, you also want to encourage the “team” feeling.  How do you do that? With team engagement, and collaboration for increased productivity.


Workmates by HR Cloud

Workmates is a free web application, with a complementary mobile app (available on iOS and Android), that connects human resources information to company social profiles. It makes company-wide communication fluid, and fun, through office social posts featuring:

  • New hires
  • Vacation and sick leaves
  • Office events
  • Employee polls
  • Employee recognition with “Kudos” and Rewards

workmates screenshot

“Workmates is the last and only workforce communication tool you will ever have to download,” says Damir Davidovic, CEO of HR Cloud. “It seamlessly merges mobile connectivity and web-based software to make your team productive from anywhere.”

Integrations for Productivity

But wait, there’s more! Workmates integrates with other popular apps , and it contains the functionality of a suite of apps, so organizations can consolidate existing apps-for-work into one handy, turn-key solution. The integration with ADP is the latest. Imagine having your app directory built automatically from your Human Resources database. Workmates also integrates with Slack, Google, Office 365, Okta and Onelogin making it simple and easy to create your company and seamlessly migrate data.

workmates integrations



It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone loves recognition in the workplace. Whether it’s from management, or co-workers, it makes us feel good and increases our morale. When you don’t hear praise at work, your drive to be productive decreases. Workmates offers Kudos, a “sub-app” that lets anyone in the company give a positive shoutout. It’s simple, and easy. If you allow staff to engage in this type of workplace recognition, employees and colleagues feel more appreciated and accomplished, in real time! Rewards calculated on Kudos points are integrated with gift cards that the employee chooses.

There are 12 types of kudos to give (so far):

workmates kudos

If you still do annual performance reviews, which truthfully are often done months and months past when anyone remembers the awesome things your employees did, you need a change. With Kudos, Human Resources departments can see which employees have gone over and above.


Building a Company Culture

The problem with scattered teams is the lack of feeling you belong to a real team. Workmates allows for team engagement, and employee retention:

  1. Welcome new employees before their official start date. The worst feeling when starting a new job, is being the new guy/girl.
  2. Get access to contact information for everyone in the company directory. Sometimes all you have is an email, or the name of “that guy in IT” who can help.
  3. Going on vacation? Put on Out of Office in Workmates and share your beach pictures.
  4. …and never forget a co-worker’s birthday again.


Workmates Delivers [1]

  • Increased Productivity: share information across teams, keep everyone in sync and improve employee performance
  • Strengthened Teamwork: post comments and start discussions; work together effectively as a team
  • Innovation: share thoughts and ideas through an internal social networking platform that promotes dialogue and makes communication fun



[1] Alex Bottom, HR Cloud Debuts Workmates at Collision Conference in New Orleans, May 2017,


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