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5 Tips to Incorporating Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re currently struggling with ways on how to market your business in general, you should know that marketing through social media could be the answer you’ve been looking for all this time.

Social media gives you the opportunity to both reach out to people you haven’t been able to previously, and to engage with your current customers or followers from all over the world. This is why social media marketing is simply not an opportunity you can afford to pass up.

Here are the top five tips for incorporating social media into your marketing strategy:


  1. Share Your Content More Than Once

Often times when we share content, such as a new photo or blog post, we’ll only share it once and then forget about it. This is a big mistake. While you don’t want to share the same content again over and over again repetitively, you will definitely want to share it more than just one time. Make it a habit to re-share content at least a month after you originally posted it. Doing so will drive more traffic to it than the first share.


  1. Grow Your List Of Email Subscribers

Your social media pages such as on Facebook and Twitter are great places to have an email subscription signup form to gain new subscribers. It should be no secret that email marketing is crucial to your success because gaining more subscribers shows that you are growing in popularity.

Furthermore, having email subscribers gives you the opportunity to interact with them, offer them discounts and coupons, and turn them into repeat customers. Try to personalize your email messages as much as possible rather than making them look and feel automated.


  1. Make Plenty Of Videos

Social media sites are also an excellent place to share videos that introduce and demonstrate new products or services you’re offering. Short, high quality videos will the best kinds to share on social media (around five minutes or less).


  1. Engage With Your Users

Perhaps the biggest benefit of social media is the incredible opportunity you have to engage directly with users. In the comments section of your post, for example, you can respond to questions or thank users for any compliments they give.

Additional ways to engage with your users is to hold contests with free prizes and giveaways, or to create a group having to do with your business.


  1. Drive Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Finally, use social media to drive traffic to your website or blog. Simply including the link to your website or blog in your posts is guaranteed to drive more traffic to you, which can lead to an increase in revenue through advertisements and/or affiliate links.


Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

In the end, social media is one of the most powerful marketing outlets that you have at your disposal. By utilizing these five tips successfully, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your website and gain more sales.


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