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B2B Trending Conversations: Data Storytelling, and Making Social Media Fun Again

Welcome back to another edition of B2B Trending Conversations, our weekly roundup of what’s making waves on social media in the B2B space. While it’s a bit of a slow week with the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, there’s still plenty of B2B buzz, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn. This week, we’ll explore how to craft a masterful data storytelling plan, how to forge successful B2B bonds in Japan and how to make social media fun again. We’ve also got infographics on social media and digital marketing. Let’s jump right in!


B2B Data Storytelling

“Storytelling is an important tool in any B2B sales leader’s arsenal because it allows you to ignite the prospect’s imagination and encourages them to picture themselves in the scenario you are describing,” writes Blank Label co-founder Danny Wong in this insightful Business to Community blog. But just how should B2B execs craft their data storytelling game plan? Start by locating the right data sets for your stories. Then weave that data into a compelling story that will cause a reaction in the reader’s brain. By including data that support your claims, you can proceed confidently as you engage your prospects. Don’t shy away from controversy when the data is on your side!


B2B Social Media

Remember when social media was, well, fun? Roxanne Roark, Siren of Social at Heroic Search, shares five easy ways you can make B2B social media fun again. Start by organizing your company’s Twitter lists, creating and maintaining rosters of your vendors, partners and customers. Next, teach people your jargon — not everyone will understand it and it’s up to you to make sure they do. Be sure to include relevant links. Third, keep in constant communication with your sales team. Also, creating engaging content is crucial, even if you’re in a boring industry. Finally, utilize social listening to maximize results. You’ll find that this organized approach reduces stress and can really make social media a joy —  like it used to be.


B2B Sales and Marketing in Japan

How do B2B sales and marketing differ in Japan from the West? Mangaconnect Inc. co-founder and CMO Kohei Kurihara shares his local perspective in this LinkedIn post highlighting the cultural differences that confound many a gaijin trying to do business in the Land of the Rising Sun. Building personal relationships is critical to success in Japan, and one big way the Japanese do this is by drinking together. Alcohol consumed with colleagues in a social setting helps the famously reserved Japanese speak frankly with each other and fosters closer bonds. Be careful not to overdo it, though — Millennials sometimes take this drinking culture too far, and many companies now ensure that senior managers attend the parties to keep everyone in line.


B2B vs B2C Social Media (Infographic)

Which social platforms are most important in B2B and B2C, and how do they differ in rank between the two spaces? This infographic reveals that while LinkedIn reigns supreme for B2B, it ranks as the least important social platform for B2C. Facebook and Twitter take the top two B2C spots, but each gets knocked down a notch for a second- and third-place finish in the B2B importance sweepstakes. Blogging is the least important B2B platform and the third-most important in the B2C space.


B2B Digital Marketing (Infographic)

Kurtosys Systems business development pro Alexandra DiSalvo offers 12 statistics on the benefits of B2B digital marketing in this incisive infographic. From weighing the pros and cons of inbound and outbound marketing and the advantages of social media utilization to lead generation and customer acquisition, this list covers it all. “These digital methods are invaluable for marketers,” writes DiSalvo. “Not only do they help companies keep up with rising numbers of Millennial clients and colleagues, the digitalisation of communication, advertising and sales provide real benefits beyond cost effectiveness.”


That’s all for this week. We’ll be back again next week with another cornucopia of B2B posts; until then, we wish all of our US readers a happy Thanksgiving and a prosperous week to all. As always, we love your feedback, links and pitches — please contact us at @B2BNewsNetwork.


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