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TwitterChat with Humza Teherany

Humza Teherany is the CEO of Compass Labs, and President of the CIO Association of Canada. B2BNN had a #TwitterChat with Humza, who posted from the @DXAgents account with hashtag #dxagentstalk.


Hi all! Thanks for joining us for a chat with @ceocompasslabs, Humza Teherany. Humza’s answers will be coming via @DXAgents. Thanks for joining us, Humza, and giving us your perspective on Canadian CIOs! Let’s get started.


Q1: Tell us a bit about your background – you’re an engineer?

A1: No! I studied business and political science, but loved technology, so I taught myself how to code, build servers, and everything else! I love technology, but more than that, I love applying technology to make business and consumer experiences better.


Q2: Now you head up @CIO_CAN. Tell us a bit about being the head of a tech association today.

A2: We are 350 CIOs across Canada and growing, and are the country’s only national association of CIO leaders. We represent >$2 billion in spending power in Canada. Our members are driving DX across ouru great country every day. We engage in conversations all year round to help shape the national technology and business environment and agenda.


Q3: Give us a snapshot of the Canadian CIO in 2017. Three words you’d use to describe a public company CIO.

A3: Public company CIO = Innovation, Business-Results, Customer Experience.


Q4: Three words to describe a private company CIO?

A4: Private company CIO = Innovation, Speed, Results.


Q5: And how about three words to describe a public sector CIO in Canada?

A5: Government CIO = Innovation, Risk, Growth.


Q6: Very interesting. What are the top themes you are hearing from your members this year?

A6: 2017 priorities:

  • Driving business innovation,
  • Supporting growth,
  • Having a formal digital strategy and roadmap
  • Keeping up with trends
  • Piloting

Those are the main topics of CIO discussions in Canada today.


Q7: What’s the biggest difference being a public, private or public sector CIO today?

A7: Speed at which they can innovate. Which is a challenge, and an opportunity.


Q8: Let’s talk about digital transformation. @IDC data shows we’re slower to change. Why are Canadian companies more hesitant?

A8: We need more alignment, and discussion at the board levels. CIO and CFO are keys to this. Partnerships between these two very important functions will propel Canada forward on the global stage around innovation.


Q9: How long do you see the average digital transformation program taking?

A9: Expect 1 year projects at a time with a 3 year horizon, built around 90 day deliverables. Good model.


Q10: Is a measured, slower approach just part of our Canadian character? What needs to change?

A10: We need to take more calculated risks, pilot more, and make innovation part of our business plans. Failing is learning.


Q11: In your own business, how do you handle digital transformation?

A11: Business. It’s all about driving business results, the technology is abundant, the major key is how you use it.


Q12: Is AI going to change everything in a good way, or do you have reservations like Elon Musk?

A12: AI is just one of the enablers, there is also AR, VR, deep analytics. Brand new business models, fueled by the right tech.


Q13: What’s the biggest CIO challenge today?

A13: Talent, always talent. Working faster, finding great partners, ensuring you are always connected with your business, and helping work toward existing goals while also educating what the future holds for your company.


Amazing. Thank you @ceocompasslabs! Very informative. Thanks to @CIO_CAN @ceocompasslabs for the great insights, all of you for the great questions. Next chat will be in May, speaker TBC!


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