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5 Essentials of an Effective B2B SEO Strategy

Last updated on October 8th, 2020 at 03:11 am

A B2B SEO strategy is different from B2C SEO strategy as the former is catered towards getting the attraction of a business, which is more difficult to obtain.

The ultimate goal of every SEO strategy is to get leads and close them into successful conversions. However, B2B marketing doesn’t focus on an immediate sale because it is unlikely to happen. Instead, their main aim is to get into the consideration set of the B2B buyers that ultimately leads to a sale in the longer run. There are different lead generator tools available such as Growthrobotics which is a mysiteauditor alternative to help digital businesses convert website visitors into leads.

Here are 5 essentials of an effective B2B SEO strategy in order to get you more business:


1- Follow the Best Practices for Having an Effective Website Structure

Google loves sites that can be accessed easily from a variety of devices. An effective website should display the USP to the decision makers in a presentable manner that immediate catches the attention of B2B buyers.

  • Ensure all the important pages can be accessed easily and not be more than 3 clicks away.
  • The link hierarchy should follow a pyramid pattern so as to equally distribute the PageRank juice among all the inner pages.
  • AMP pages should be created for all the major landing pages.
  • Sites should have good usability, and information should be within the reach of the audience.
  • Include the main keywords in the header, title and main content.
  • Ensure the content is unique, trustworthy, informative, easy to scan, and easily shareable.
  • Follow breadcrumb navigation and keep the site speed good.

2- Identify the Most Potential B2B Keywords Having Buying Intent

Keyword research is an integral part of any SEO strategy. For B2B clients, it is recommended to research keywords that have the highest chance of conversion.

The B2B sales cycle is longer than the B2C buying cycle so identify keywords that attract potential B2B buyers at each stage of the cycle based on informational, transactional, comparative or navigational queries.

Do not forget to check what your competition is doing as you can get tons of keyword ideas from them. Moreover, check analytics as you can unveil some crucial data, like which pages are generating the maximum traffic, what keywords people are entering on the site search module, which keywords are already generating conversions etc.


3- Create a Blog

It is extremely crucial for B2B companies to blog. Having a blog helps to increase business credibility. You are able to rank on a variety of new keywords, number of leads are increased, and you are also able to establish thought leadership with your target audience.

Blogs are inexpensive and you can apply branded context in your content. They convey your brand personality if you follow the essentials of effective storytelling. You can share your message with your audience in an array of media formats like text, images, videos or podcasts. Last but not the least, blogs supply the material needed to reach even more audiences across social channels.


4- Produce Content Based on Target Business Persona

The 2017 content marketing report unveiled by the Content Marketing Institute has revealed some characteristics that successful B2B companies follow in order to engage and convert their prime prospects. These characteristics are provided below:

  • Organization is clear on what a successful content marketing program looks like.
  • They have a documented content marketing strategy.
  • They deliver content consistently across all channels.
  • They follow an extremely effective strategy and also measure the content marketing ROI.
  • Business is realistic about what content marketing can achieve.


5- Monitor the Performance of Content

As already suggested in the previous point, measuring the effectiveness of your content is essential if you want your business to be successful.

In order to measure the content performance, head over to the search console and identify the percentage of branded search queries that you are receiving.

Check the top landing pages of the site and measure important metrics like impressions, clicks, keywords, time on page, conversions etc. Apart from this, make use of individual social channel analytics to uncover the performance of content on social media.

B2B SEO strategy requires patience, and is more catered towards creating brand awareness and loyalty.


Follow the above essentials and supercharge your existing B2B SEO strategy.



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