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inside the mind of
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Every once in a while the seed for a great idea is planted. Dave Gordon pitched such an idea to me last summer. It began with this: What questions would you ask a CEO, CMO, or entrepreneur if you happened to meet them at the watercooler?  With social media the C-Suite, or any leader really, is that much closer, but what if you’re still hesitant to ask for advice?

Dave has been a regular contributor on B2B News Network for two years. His career has included writing and editing for the Toronto Sun, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Baltimore Sun, National Post and eye Weekly.

Dave has mastered the art of the interview, so these watercooler chats had definite promise. He was free to choose the individuals, with the only caveat being they had to be in the B2B space. Inside the Mind Of quickly became a popular weekly feature.

This ebook is the complete collection of the 38 interviews Dave conducted for Inside the Mind Of. What we have in the following pages is a compilation of insights and intelligence from an astounding group of individuals. These are the people to listen to.

The unexpected happened. Out of that first little seed grew this spectacular narrative of determination and success.


The ebook in its entirety is available for download here.

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