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App of the Month: Knockri

Last updated on March 9th, 2018 at 01:18 pm

At the AI World Forum in November I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on facial recognition that included Jahanzaib Ansari, Co-Founder and CEO of Knockri.

In our discussion the audience learned that artificial intelligence is biased, as is quite often the recruitment process (though perhaps unconsciously). AI, and machine learning, is only as good as the input it receives. If the input itself has bias, so too will the results.

How do we fix this? With recruiting data built entirely from scratch, and an AI that is mindful of bias.


What is Knockri?

Knockri curates video job applications by analyzing the applicant’s verbal and non-verbal communication through facial recognition.

The algorithm does not account for a person’s skin colour, ethnicity, gender, appearance or sexual preference as measures of desirability for a hire. This ensures no one ethnicity is the standard to which all others are analyzed.

Knockri  has been an inclusive technology since its inception, so you can use it to build a diverse and talented workforce through an equitable process.


How it Works

Knockri works with your current application process, through API or ATS integration.

Applicant responses to job profile-related questions are captured with video, and augment the early screening process.


The AI-driven algorithm intertwines scientific IO processes to help reveal applicants’ soft skills and alignment to fit.


At the end of the process you receive an accurate short list of applicants with quantified scores that highlight the best fit, and assist your recruiters in interview the best talent.


The Benefits

The benefits to using Knockri are the benefits of having a diverse team that can be directly linked to your company’s bottom line:

  • Better brand perception for being socially responsible
  • Reduction in spend on new talent recruitment and training
  • Employee loyalty
  • Increased productivity, creativity and innovation by drawing on a workforce with a wide range of experience(s)
  • Attracting and better serving a diverse customer base
  • Securing business with clients that require employment non-discrimination or domestic partner benefit policies


To find out how Knockri can help you, request a demo now.


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