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Bizible and Allocadia join forces to pursue growth in marketing performance management space

The rapid maturation of the marketing performance management space has led Bizible and Allocadia to create a joint go-to-market strategy that helps each other’s customers use their respective technologies in a more holistic way.

Seattle, Wash.-based Bizible offers applications to automate the planning and attribution of marketing activities in B2B companies. Allocadia, based in Vancouver, has similar tools that focus on ensuring the investments marketing departments make in their plans align properly with the organization’s business objectives.

Besides the go-to-market aspects of the partnership, the two firms said they will be translating the data frameworks of each other’s platforms and integrating them to offer greater visibility into how marketing programs are performing. The investment data about what an organization is spending that is managed through Allocadia, for instance, will be married to the data on what revenue those investments are driving, which comes through Bizible.

According to Kristine Steuart, co-founder and CEO at Allocadia, working with Bizible will quantify the ROI of every sales and marketing channel, campaign and program, including paid media, content marketing, sales activities, and field marketing.

“Marketing has gone far beyond Mad Men or even simple lead gen,” she told B2B News Network. “All marketers must meet higher expectations today – most are accountable for a share of the organization’s revenue and need to directly correlate marketing activities to their revenue impact. Others are held accountable to different business goals depending on their unique strategies. Connecting the dots between investment and return has never been more of a headache.”

Customers of both organizations will be educated on the benefits of combining these technologies to help drive greater impact, Steuart said. For instance, Allocadia customers who seek to add powerful revenue attribution and insight to their ROI equation could consider Bizible, while Bizible customers who want greater control over their spend, plans, and a better way to connect their investments to results could consider Allocadia.

“Our teams have already been trained on when to introduce each company, and we’re already seeing a lot of interest when we make introductions,” said Brewster Stanislaw, vice-president of product and strategy at Bizible .

Market research firms and other observers sometimes look at Allocadia and Bizible as competitors, but the drive to demonstrate value from marketing departments means more B2B firms are done with searching for a silver bullet to deal with all their woes, Steuart said.

There are 7,000 marketing technologies competing for a share of the marketing budget. The seminal question is, where should marketers spend their next dollar?” she said. “This partnership is between two organizations dedicated to furthering the same mission: to help companies make profitable marketing decisions and increase revenue.”

Other players in the marketing performance management space include SAS, Capterra and Hive9.


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