Thursday, April 18, 2024

Quixxi offers software tools and a marketplace to boost enterprise blockchain app development

As more organizations explore the potential of blockchain to facilitate all manner of transactions, an Australian startup called Quixxi is offering tools to make the creation of decentralized applications easier, as well as a marketplace where they can get rewarded with a proprietary cryptocurrency for their contributions.

Quixxi started out in more traditional areas of application development in 2013, but shifted gears about six months ago as interest in blockchain grew beyond cryptocurrencies and into other business uses. The company grew out of an Australian incubator, Lakeba, which works with Microsoft and other major technology vendors, to tackle various business challenges.

More recently, Quixxi has developed software libraries and software development kits (SDKs) that enterprise developers could use to create their own decentralized applications in blockchain-based environments. Some of the application areas might include the ability to accept payment in things like Bitcoin and Monero, for instance, or if a business wanted to create it own token.

“Rather than a platform or web site that solves the problem only to that company, we wanted to create an SDK that can then integrated into a final product that can be on any web site or platform,” Giuseppe Porcelli, Quixxi’s CEO, told B2B News Network. “Because it’s a piece of code, it can then be distributed to other developers.”

Porcelli said he expected enterprise developers to use Quixxi’s SDK to create  mobile apps, IoT applications, smart contracts applications and those related to blockchain cybersecurity, among other areas.

If they chose to do so, developers can then showcase their work in the company’s Quixxi marketplace, and if companies license it, the original developer will be paid in Quixxi’s own cryptocurrency, dubbed QXE.

Porcelli said Quixxi has already attracted more than 3,500 developers to its platform. The vast majority of those, or about 85 per cent are individuals, though he said some software studios and enterprise developers were beginning to come on board. The marketplace and the firm’s own tools will help close an educational gap that’s quickly widening as blockchain becomes more talked about, according to Porcelli.

“Companies want to use blockchain to store documents, for example, but their developers don’t understand how to use it,” he said. “SDKs can solve the problem.”

Quixxi has published a highly technical white paper that walks through its approach in great detail. Like many similar firms, the company has been working on an initial coin offering (ICO) for QXE to raise money. Porcelli said some of the main marketing activities will include promotion through Facebook, LinkedIn and the messaging app Telegram.


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