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How Chief People Officers can use PR for B2B success

As the head of human resources (or Chief People Officer) for a B2B company, did you know that there are key public relations, or PR, activities you can use to hire top talent, avoid crises and help business growth overall?

Use PR as Your Secret Advantage in HR

Public relations’ activities are not just for the media. PR also deals with internal communications that can help your company thrive when used the right way. For example, you can…

  • Win fantastic new hires.

When looking for top talent to fill open positions, you can entice them by showing them your media clippings. By displaying your recent articles in local publications, industry magazines and more in the lobby, framed on walls, on desks, online, and more, you show credibility without being boastful.

Most of the talented B2B people out there want to work with established businesses that have good reputations and are well known in the industry. When they see that other, credible sources are talking about you, your B2B appears current and newsworthy. This gives you an edge over the competition when hiring.

  • Avoid communication catastrophes.

When new hires start at your company, you may not know it, but you use public relations right away. Your B2B probably has set guidelines on how employees can use social media, what information is private and secure, and what they can and cannot say in public about the company.

This is all internal communications, which is part of your overall public relations’ activities.

If you don’t already have a communications’ guide in place, it’s a good idea to work on one. After all, these communication standards let new hires know what is expected of them. But, more important, this information can be crucial in stopping issues from escalating into major problems that can cost your B2B thousands of dollars and resources.

For example, if an employee says something online that reveals private information about your B2B right now, how much will it cost to repair the damage?

Will you even be able to do anything about it? Remember, once it’s online, that information can be instantly shared and stay on the web forever.

  • Spread positive messages.

As an HR expert, it’s a good idea to work with your communications team if you aren’t already. You provide the initial impression on new hires and give them valuable information they need to succeed. This includes insights on the company’s work culture and how you want your B2B portrayed to customers, investors, media members, and more.

So in addition to reviewing social media guidelines and privacy policies in the new-hire process, also discuss the company’s goals, how you help others in the community, how employees work together, and other benefits.

This way, new hires will be more likely to present a positive image of the company, which can be a key factor in bringing in new customers, building a loyal customer base and boosting sales (this also brings top talent to your door).

And note that this information should be shared again in employee reviews throughout the year. This way, they get a reminder about how important their communications are when they talk about the company and how it can make a huge difference on your B2B’s success.

HR and PR Go Together!

Public relations is a key part of being a Chief People Officer at your B2B. By communicating the right information, guidelines, messaging, policies, and more, you can you entice top talent to work for your company.

Plus, when you have this type of communication on a regular basis, you can help your employees know what’s expected of them so they can thrive. It will also help your B2B avoid major social media catastrophes and project the right messaging to all of your customers to help the company grow.


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Melanie Rembrandt
Melanie Rembrandt
Melanie Rembrandt a B2B content marketing strategist, small business PR expert and published author (Simple Publicity, Secrets of Becoming a Publicist) who helps businesses boost sales, awareness and credibility fast via Rembrandt Communications, LLC.