Goodlawyer Launches New $49/mo Legal Services Subscription

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Goodlawyer, an online platform that provides affordable, on-demand legal solutions for individuals and small businesses, announced the launch of Goodlawyer Pro, a new subscription service offering entrepreneurs legal services, unlimited access to legal advice and customizable legal documents, for a flat rate of $49/month. The new service is designed to complement Goodlawyer’s existing range of legal micro-services, which are accessible on-demand.

“Goodlawyer Pro is a direct response to a broken legal industry that is more focused on massive corporations, leaving startups and entrepreneurs little access to affordable justice, particularly now during the pandemic when they need it most,” said Brett Colvin, Founder and CEO of Goodlawyer. “Small businesses across Canada are currently scrambling to navigate their legal options in order to survive. We created Goodlawyer Pro to help them in a cost-effective and convenient way.”

The Goodlawyer Pro membership will provide more than just unlimited legal advice and access to vetted legal templates. Members will be part of a community with access to exclusive perks, including discounts on business services such as accounting, human resources, and administrative services, access to customizable legal documents, and a special Slack channel to allow Goodlawyer Pros to network with like-minded business owners across Canada.

To celebrate the launch of Goodlawyer Pro, Goodlawyer will be offering the first 100 entrepreneurs who sign up for Goodlawyer Pro their first month for free.

Founded in 2018, Goodlawyer now has over 60 lawyers in its network across Canada who have helped thousands of Canadian businesses and individuals with their legal questions at a fraction of the cost associated with retaining a firm. Goodlawyer offers specialists in areas such as startup, business, employment, commercial real estate and intellectual property, among others,  providing accessible and affordable justice for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs across Canada.

“Goodlawyer continues to innovate, offering great support to its lawyers, which translates into a better experience for clients,” said Anthony Young, Lawyer and former President of the Alberta Law Society. “I am excited to see Goodlawyer transform the legal landscape by continuing to support affordable and accessible legal services.”


The company was recently named Calgary’s top startup by Startup Calgary, an award chosen annually by a selection committee of industry influencers and successful entrepreneurs.

“Our goal is to position Goodlawyer as the go-to legal partner for the fast-paced needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses across Canada,” added Colvin. “If you have a question about the law – from starting your business in Vancouver to protecting your IP in Toronto – we are committed to providing access to top lawyers across Canada, within 24 hours, for a fraction of the price.”

While the legal subscription model is not new, piloted in Canada successfully by and considered by many the non-AI future of law, Goodlawyer is specializing by focusing on the Canadian startup market, where some of the industry’s pioneers will be its competitors.




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