6 reasons why you need to make a backup for your business files

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Data is critical to ensure business continuity for your organization. What happens if you store business data on a single computer or mobile device and you happen to lose it? An instant recipe for disaster!


There are many ways that you can lose your data. Some of these are:


  1. a) A hard disk crash
  2. b) Your laptop or mobile phone is stolen
  3. c) Data deleted either deliberately or accidentally
  4. d) A malware hijacking of your computer
  5. e) Ransomware attacks preventing you from accessing your own data


Here are the top five reasons you need to backup your business files:


1) You could lose serious money if you don’t regularly backup your business data.


Regular backups can be considered to be akin to an insurance policy. Loss of important business data can cripple your business leading to serious financial losses. In fact, data losses can cost enterprises more than $3.8 million!


2) Natural disasters can shut your organization down if you don’t have backups


In the last few years, the world has been buffeted by major natural disasters. Floods, typhoons, fires, and storms can cause irreparable damage to businesses. Without backups, you may find resuming operations to be extremely difficult, if not impossible. In fact, 40% of businesses are unable to reopen after a disaster.


3) You could face severe losses if you do not incorporate redundancy in your backup locations

When it comes to backing up your data, the popular image that comes to mind is storing your data in removable storage such as USB drives or local drives. What happens if an earthquake or a fire hits that location? The answer is – an instant and irretrievable loss of data. 


That is why you must incorporate redundancy in your backup locations. One of the best ways to do that is to consider cloud server backup solutions for your data backups. Secure remote file server access from Trifox offers organizations an elegant way to regularly backup data on their on-premise file servers in the cloud. 


4) You can easily recover from human error in the event of data loss


Nobody is perfect. When it comes to human errors leading to data loss, the following are only too common:


  1. a) Accidentally deleting a critical document
  2. b) Not remembering to save changes in files
  3. c) Flipping a wrong switch


You should, and in fact must have regular training programs for your employees to overcome the above issues. However, the only way to safeguard your business from data losses caused by human errors is to regularly back up your business data.


5) Protect yourself from Cyber Crimes


Cybercrimes and attacks are increasing every year and the majority of businesses are at risk of being targeted by them. Ransomware, malware, or virus attacks have the potential of holding your data hostage. The end result could be your business grinding to a halt leading to massive losses. You should have a disaster recovery plan which has steps on how to recover from such cyber-attacks while keeping your business data safe and easily accessible in the event of such attacks.


6) Recover quickly from hardware failures


Hardware failures due to power surges or other reasons are a system administrator’s worst nightmare. If your hardware fails, you may irretrievably lose all data stored in it. It is possible to take steps to protect your hardware from such an eventuality by using power surge protectors, cooling systems, etc. However, doing so cannot guarantee you from unforeseen hardware failures. 


Hence, as a business, you must regularly back up all critical business data. Implementing off-site storage or a cloud-based data backup solution gives you additional protection and helps you recover quickly from such situations.


In Summary


Loss of business data can potentially devastate your organization. Without the data and information your company needs to function normally, your employees won’t be able to carry out their daily duties, and your customers will not receive top notch customer service. Having a proper data backup policy is essential to ensuring that your operations keep running smoothly.


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